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Staffing Technology that Drives Revenue: Talent Showcase Upgrades

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If you’re looking to increase revenue, it’s natural to try to fill more of your open job orders.

But you may be overlooking another tremendous potential source of revenue:

Placing all those talented people you worked so hard to recruit!

Redeployment rates in the staffing industry are awful. They typically range from a low of 10 percent to a high of around 40 percent. In other words, you spend huge sums of money to recruit talent, and then you let as much as 90 percent go somewhere else to for their next job.

Skill marketing is a tried-and-true methodology for placing hot candidates and contractors coming off assignments. But the process is typically labor intensive and difficult to scale.

The Talent Showcase makes skill marketing faster, easier and more effective.

Instead of making one-off skill marketing calls, use a tool like Haley Marketing’s Talent Showcase software. Developed exclusively for the staffing industry, this software allows you to build an online profile of each of your most placeable candidates (MPCs), and then market those people individually or as a group to local employers. The Talent Showcase not only helps you place people faster, it shows candidates you do more to help them get the job they want (making recruiting easier, too!).

The Talent Showcase was created to make skill marketing faster, easier and more effective. In fact, Talent Showcase candidates are 20 percent more likely to get hired! And as with all of our marketing tech, we continually improve our skill marketing technology. In 2019, we made these upgrades to help you place more qualified talent, faster:

  • Greater visibility control: You can set a password here to limit viewing of talent to only those people with whom you’ve shared the password.
  • Improved social sharing: The social sharing settings page allows you to set up the meta data that is used when your Talent Showcase is shared on search engines and social media sites.
  • Enhanced social login/opt out: When enabled, users can login with Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Talent Showcase WordPress plugin: This allow you to easily insert and customize talent feeds on any page, sidebar or widget area of your website.

Skill marketing technology that pays for itself.

Want proof that Talent Showcase works? Check out this client’s results over their first 90 days using our technology:

  • In just 1 month, the Talent Showcase paid for itself for the next 10 years!
  • 3 placements closed in the first month, 2 with new clients.
  • Average of 2 new placements per month.
  • Over 1,000 visitors entered the client’s website through the Talent Showcase; 600 of which had never visited their website before.
  • Talent Showcase visitors’ conversion rate was 65% higher than all other visitors to this client’s website.
  • One employer (current client) saw a former temp on the Talent Showcase and requested them back for the following summer.

See the Talent Showcase in action!

When it comes to your marketing technology, we’re here to help.

Technology is a big part of what we do, so we have an entire technical team dedicated to evolving our staffing tech (and building new tools) to keep you at the leading edge. As technology continues to shape recruiting in the staffing industry, Haley Marketing will continue planning for and capitalizing on the changes it brings.

If you’re looking for smarter ways to place more of your top candidates, contact a marketing educator today to start a conversation. 

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