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SEO Strategies for 2020, Part 3: Know Your Audience

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In today’s post we’re continuing our SEO series, where we’ll teach you the best tips and tricks to increase website traffic and rank higher in search engines.

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Understanding what your audience wants is a key aspect of a successful SEO Strategy.



Digital security matters more than ever before, and it now matters for your SEO.

Old School Website Security: Security, what security? I don’t sell things online.

New School Website Security: Lock it down for every website or get left out.

Back in the “old days”, webmasters typically only worried about security on their website if they were selling items directly to customers.

Times and best practices have changed.

2014: Google encouraged webmasters to use SSL encryption to improve data security.

2016: Google told webmasters that unencrypted sites would soon be marked as “unsafe” by displaying a red “x” in the Chrome browser.

MID-2020: Users won’t be able to download files in Chrome from non-SSL sites.

What is SSL, Anyway?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

It is an encryption technology that creates a secure connection between your website’s server and a website visitor’s web browser. This allows for information to be protected during transmission between the two.

Anytime you see a web address in a browser that starts with “https,” it is SSL-certified.

Why Do Staffing Companies Need SSL?

SSL isn’t just for websites that sell things. It’s for every website to give users peace of mind that anything they download or any forms they fill out are encrypted.

Security has become so important that browsers are warning users when a site they are about to enter is NOT secure, and they are blocking the ability to download items from sites that are not secure.

Don’t have SSL? There’s a fix for that!

If Haley Marketing hosts your website, we’ve communicated with you the importance of switching, and we’ve helped most of our clients make the transition.

If you haven’t done it yet, give us a call, and we can get the process moving quickly.



If you haven’t thought about your mobile SEO strategy, you’re lagging behind the times.

Old School Mobile SEO: No one needed mobile SEO…mobile websites didn’t even exist.

New School Mobile SEO: More people have mobile devices than desktops, and they use them more often…so you better be optimized.

Did you know that more traffic comes in from mobile devices than desktop devices for nearly every staffing website Haley Marketing tracks?

It’s true, and that’s why it is so important to focus on a mobile strategy.

First and foremost, your website should have a mobile-responsive design.

This used to mean having two websites – one for mobile and one for desktop. But today, responsive design ensures the desktop version of your website transitions to a mobile-friendly version when the user is on a phone or tablet.

It transfers all your design and on-page elements and adjusts the screen automatically to ensure the mobile user has a great experience regardless of the size of their device. And that’s the ideal user experience that Google and the other search engines prefer.


Even if you have a mobile-ready website, your job board could be holding you back. Many job boards do not offer a good mobile experience for candidates, which leads to abandoned applications. Apply for a job at your company on your mobile device. Is it easy? Frustrating? Think like a candidate and determine just how user-friendly your job board is on mobile.

If your job board offers a poor mobile experience, Haley Marketing can help! Give us a call to learn how we can bring your job board up to New School standards.

SEO 101 Complete!

We’ve laid out the fundamentals for your SEO best practices, but if you would like help with any aspect of your SEO strategy, Haley Marketing is here to help. Contact us now to learn more…

…Or you can continue on to SEO 201 for some more advanced techniques!

Up Next: Advanced Strategies

Keep an eye out for the first installment in SEO 201! If you don’t want to wait, download the full, FREE eBook “SEO Strategies for 2020: Welcome to the New School” here!


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