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Resources for New Staffing Industry Hires

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As a relatively new hire and beginner in the staffing world, I understand how daunting learning the ins and out of the industry can be 

From PPC to ATS, there are dozens of staffing-specific terms, leading to a potentially overwhelming onboarding process for new employees.  

But, have no fear – your friendly neighborhood intern is here. 

The resources below proved invaluable for me during the first month of my internship here at Haley Marketing (and, let’s face it, I still reference them quite often.)  

American Staffing Association  

While this website contains tons and tons of information, these staffing industry statistics and the 2019 playbook helped me get my bearings in understanding the sheer size and prominence of the industry.  

The Staffing Industry index seen here is also a green indicator of the state of staffing.  

Staffing Industry Analysts 

This one requires a membership, but it’s full of great data that further contributes to a solid understanding of the staffing industry.  

Haley Marketing Website 

Not to toot our own horn too much, but our website contains dozens of resources, completely free for you to use.  


Our AskHaley blog contains an answer to nearly every question you can think of.  

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Drop us a line – we’ll be happy to cover your question in an upcoming post! 

Lunch with Haley Webinars 

The Haley Marketing experts have covered everything from the pillars of recruitment marketing to strategies for staffing SEO – grab your lunch and visit our on demand webinars here. While you’re at it, register for our next live webinar: info  


Haley wrote the book on staffing for the marketing industry – well, actually, we wrote 7. Click here to view our library of eBooks. 

A final thought from a newbie:  

If I can offer any advice to new hires, it would be to ask as many questions as possible! 

There’s no shame in seeking new knowledge – plus, what better way is there to learn? The staffing industry is constantly growing, changing, and evolving; we’re all in this together, and, as a new hire, you’re a part of the team. 

Questions? Concerns? Just need someone to talk to? 

At Haley Marketing, we’re here for you – contact us today! 


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