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Should I Change or Update My Logo?

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As project managers, we hear this question a lot. Or, my favorite – “what do you think of my logo?”

We get it. You’ve decided to do a new website – and have selected Haley Marketing (of course!). You are excited to get started. During the kick-off call, you throw it out there – should I change my logo?

The question seems simple enough. The answer is: it depends.

Your logo is an extension of your brand. The branding of your company should be closely tied to your business strategy and be the public representation of who you are a company. Simply put – your logo is a reflection of your organization’s personality.

Without a background of who your company is and how you want to be seen in your market, it is difficult to answer that questions.

Luckily, there are a few ways to determine when it is time to change it up:

Does your logo represent your current brand?

A lot of times people think that their logo and their brand are interchangeable. As I mentioned above, the logo is really the representation of the brand. Your brand is the way your company is perceived in the market.  A brand should invoke a feeling. (Indeed has a great article on What is the Definition of Branding in Marketing)

For example, at the most basic level, there isn’t much difference between Walmart and Target. They are both big-box retailers. But, they have very different brands. Walmart is low-price and Target is perceived to be higher-end – commonly being referred to as Targé.

Before you embark on changing your logo (or even creating a new logo), take the time to define your brand strategy.

Is your current logo dated?

Much like any trend, graphic design elements change over time. Fonts, colors and graphic elements can immediately bring you to a certain time and place.

I recently watched the mini-series Mrs. America on Hulu. Politics aside, the opening credits of this show are on point. Animated watercolor illustrations, in muted colors with large bubble fonts all set to Walter Murphy’s jazz, disco “A Fifth of Beethoven” immediately transport you to the 1970s.

This was a great use of those elements to convey a message. However, if you want to be seen as a cutting, edge technical company, your logo shouldn’t be set in the 1970s.

A caveat to this would be if your brand is build around tradition where you want to invoke a feeling of nostalgia – having a well, created retro-looking logo would be a great way to convey that, just be sure to take your time to go through several logo templates, so that you choose the one that stands out the most (learn here).

Have you changed your brand messaging or your business strategy and model?

This might be a great time to invest in a logo change. If you have recently gone through a branding exercise and are changing your branding, you want to make sure that your logo will still reflect that. If you’ve focused your message on being the ultra-professional, high-end professional services firm and now you want to be seen as friendly, approachable (or vice versa) then you most likely need to change your logo to reflect that.

Have you recently decided to enter a new vertical?

Does your current logo or company name tie you to your current business model? This is also a great time to consider a change.

Does your current logo have brand recognition?

This isn’t always easy to measure, but it is a simple concept – do people know who you are? Is your target audience (clients, candidates and prospects) aware of who you are? Is your logo tightly tied to this recognition?

Are you ready for the commitment?

One last item to consider is cost. Having a graphic designer create a new logo is just the beginning. You also need to change all business cards, stationery, brochures and any office signage. This can be a significant investment – and the deciding factor for many of my clients.

Warning: shameless plug!

So, you’ve taken all of these factors into consideration and have decided Yes! I am ready for a new logo. Then Haley Marketing is happy to help! Connect with one of our marketing educators today!

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