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A “Thank You” You’ll Never Forget (part 1)

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At Haley Marketing, we proactively look for the positives in our professional and personal lives. And given what 2020 has dealt us so far, this habit has been a lifesaver.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I asked our team to describe the best “thank you” they ever received. Their responses were uplifting – and a few were unexpected – and they were so good I had to share. From the simplest of deeds to the grandest of gestures, here are a few “thank you” stories to brighten your day:

Hannah Eberle, Digital Marketing Specialist

On the last day of my summer internship with Haley Marketing (before I joined the team full-time), we all went out for a nice lunch. The team I worked with gave me the sweetest card thanking me for all the work I did. Their actions really made me feel a part of the team, even though I had only worked there a short time. It’s no wonder I stayed and ended up becoming a full-time employee after graduation! And of course I still have the card to this day.

Linda Smith, Project Manager

Years ago when I was a Girl Scout troop leader, my troop decided to stop at 6th grade. We set a goal of each girl earning their bronze award and took on a team project of sewing dolls for a children’s hospital.

At our last gathering, to my surprise, one of the moms gave me a quilt she created with the girls in our troop. Each square in the quilt was made from the same fabric each girl used for their dolls they gifted. (image at right)

To this day, I treasure this quilt and the still have the thank you cards that each girl personally made and wrote to me. While I had hoped over the 7 years we’d spent together as a troop that I’d had a positive impact on them, the thanks they expressed made a lasting impact on me. Their notes and that quilt still evoke not just fond memories for me, but an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the time we spent together.

Brad Smith, Director of Content & Digital Marketing

A former employee (going back 6 or 7 years) recently wrote a touching update on LinkedIn, tagging me and mentioning what an impact I had on helping him become a great leader. As a manager, I feel it’s my job to make sure people grow and are happy. It was so touching to know I had some small impact, and that this individual is paying it forward by being helpful to the people he now manages.

Mandy Wittschen, Marketing Strategist

While I was waiting in line to check into a doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but notice that the gentleman in front of me was in pain. Unfortunately, however, the receptionist told him that he’d have to reschedule his appointment for the following week (he’d missed a call from the doctor’s office about the scheduling conflict).

He was polite with the receptionist, accepted that he had to come back, and walked past me. I stopped him before he left and offered him my appointment. To me it was just the right thing to do: I was there for a checkup, and he obviously needed help immediately.

He looked at me over his mask and said, “Thank you – you’re an angel.” It was a short interaction with a stranger, but the look in his eyes and the words he shared will stay with me for a long time.

Susan Wurst, Director of Account Management

While on vacation in Jamaica, we brought a suitcase of school supplies for a preschool in the small town we were staying in. There is no public education in Jamaica until the age of 6, so schools rely on community donations. The kids sang us a song as a thank you and we received lots of hugs. Seeing how grateful they were to receive things like crayons and construction paper provided a lot of perspective on how much we take for granted. Every once in a while I still call on that perspective.

Brad Bialy, Digital Marketing Manager

After presenting a talk on Social Media and Digital Marketing for Tricom Funding (an industry partner), I received a general thank you email – which was a nice gesture. But 2 days later, a box from Tricom showed up at the office, addressed to me and Team Haley. In the box were 6 craft beers and 6 craft pops for our team, as a thank you for my contribution to their webinar series.

This completely unexpected gesture sticks with me to this day as a great expression of gratitude from one partner to another. I’ve since done a few more talks for them because of the impact their team had on me and Haley Marketing.

…oh and the drinks were great too!

Mackenzie Froese, Content Marketing Specialist

One of my clients once sent me a care package of cookies and bath bombs, just because they were thinking of me, and wanted to make me smile and thank me for my hard work. It was perhaps a small thing to them, but it went beyond just making me feel appreciated and giving me a smile – it carried that feeling of gratitude and appreciation into every interaction I have with that client. We always strive to “Deliver a WOW” at Haley Marketing Group, and it was neat being on the receiving end of that WOW!

Heather Perrotta, Project Manager

The best “thank you” I’ve ever received is not a specific “thank you.” It’s those people in your life who will be there for you no matter what, and vice versa.

Aaron Eastlack, Digital Marketing Manager

A meaningful “thank you” came from a past student who struggled with his emotions, which often negatively impacted his academic performance. At one point he thanked me for being patient with him (patience isn’t normally my strong point). It’s reminded me to extend a little more grace to the people around me as often as possible.

What’s the best “thank you” you’ve ever received?

I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below or drop me a line. And from all of us at Haley Marketing, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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