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Improving Your Job Board ROI

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With ZipRecruiter’s most recent announcement regarding organic postings through Haley Marketing, we know a lot of clients are wondering how to handle the change without losing candidates.

Below, I’ve compiled some suggestions and information you can use to help ensure you’re getting the most out of the Haley Marketing Job Board:

  1. Have you checked out your myHaley job board dashboard?
    Log into myHaley and navigate to Job Board>Dashboard. There, you can view your Job Board ROI to see how much of your traffic is coming from which source(s). Is ZipRecruiter one of your primary sources? If so, you may want to consider testing sponsored jobs with them.
  2. Are you distributing your jobs to social media?
    Do members of your team regularly use the social sharing buttons on individual jobs to share jobs to their personal social profiles?
    Have you considered creating RSS feeds of jobs by skill or recruiter, and then automating social sharing of those jobs using tools like dlvr.it, BufferApp, or Haley Marketing’s NetSocial software?
  3. Have you looked at improving your website conversions?
    Are you using the Haley Marketing job board widget throughout your website? This allows for a quick search and can be added to any page!  You may want to consider adding this search and/or the featured jobs widget to your homepage and candidate pages, as well as any specialty or division pages.
    Are you using a fly-in or pop-up to drive people to take action? You can add one on your homepage or any subpage of your site to direct candidates to Apply Now, Search Jobs, or even aim them to a specific ‘hot’ job!
  4. Have you taken a look at your employment branding recently?
    Do you have reviews on your site? Are they showing on several pages? Do you display several of them? Can they be read “at-a-glance”?
    If your company has received awards recently, are they displayed on your site in a place where everyone can see them?
    Are you using the recruiter bio section of the job board to introduce the recruiter who works with each job to the job seeker?
    Do you make it clear on your site why candidates should choose you and information about your recruiting process?
  5. Are you using any sponsored job advertising?
    Are you sponsoring any jobs on ZipRecruiter, Indeed or other aggregators? Have you looked into Facebook or Google advertising or specialized job boards?
    Have you reached out to our Director of Recruitment Marketing, Matt Lozar, to discuss advertising strategies or our programmatic job ad management services? (If you are not familiar with this, this service is where we use ClickCast software to set rules to manage your job spend most efficiently.)
  6. Are you working to actively re-engage your talent?
    Have you turned on category mailings, and do you encourage candidates to opt-in for job alerts throughout your website?
    Have you set up any Google and/or Facebook retargeting campaigns?
  7. Do you encourage referrals?
    Do you have a referral incentive program? Is the program described in detail on your site?
    Are you using talent re-engagement emails to ask for referrals?
    Have you considered adding the Referral Manager feature of the job board software (which allows prompts for referrals to be displayed with each job, variable referral bonuses to be set, and tracks referrals submitted)?

When it comes to improving job performance and increasing your conversation rate, there are always more factors to consider than just one aggregator site. If you need any additional help with recruiting, please make sure to reach out to our Recruitment Marketing team!

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