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How to maximize social media reach with NetSocial

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Many of us use social media every day in our down time, but it can be daunting to use as a marketing tool. Most companies know they need a social media account and a team member to manage the platform and posts. However, it can still be difficult trying to get content seen by one company account without paying to promote that one post.

First, let’s talk organic reach.

Organic reach refers to the number of unique users that have seen a post on their feed without paid promotional tools to boost visibility. This can be limited by the number of followers or connections.

The idea of social media crowdsourcing.

You can use the social media accounts owned by your team members to post content on the company’s behalf. This is essentially crowdsourcing social accounts to increase social media reach.

We created NetSocial to manage and automate sharing of content and increase a company’s pool of social media resources. Once an Admin for your company is setup with NetSocial, team members are invited. Team members can link Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to their profile. Similar content is aggregated into a channel that is managed by the channel creator. Channels are subscribed to by company team members and their subscriptions utilize one or more of their linked social media accounts. Content flows into linked accounts from the channel and expands the reach of company content.

Don’t limit your company content to one network of followers and connections; utilize your team!

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