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[Interview] Derek Pittak, Founder, Blue Vision Group

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Do staffing companies need an operating system?

Your computer has an operating system. So does your phone.

But what about your business?

In this episode of Secrets of Staffing Success, we talk with Derek Pittak (LinkedIn), founder at Blue Vision Group and an EOS Implementor focusing on the staffing industry. Derek isn’t just another management consultant, he’s also an Airforce veteran and former COO of Talent Launch, a nationwide network of independently-owned staffing firms.

As Derek explains, Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is “a way to manage human energy.” It’s a framework for creating accountability in and organization, ensuring alignment, and better understanding the health of an organization.

At Haley Marketing, we use EOS to run our business, and with Derek, we discussed:

  • The challenge of finding the right data – those leading indicators
  • The importance of defining and documenting core processes
  • How to create traction – from long-term goals to quarterly “ROCKS”

To learn more about Derek, check out https://blueprintvisiongroup.com/.

To learn more about EOS, Derek recommended these books:

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