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How Often Should I Review My Staffing Website SEO?

How Often Should I Review My Staffing Website SEO? Featured Image
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You build a website and want to make sure people can find you organically, so you optimize it a little bit, and you’re done, right? Wrong. Search Engine Optimization is a long-term process and should be updated throughout the lifespan of your website in order to improve rankings constantly.

Here are three times when you should be updating your website’s SEO:  

When Content is Stale 

Content gradually becomes stale over time, and refreshing and repurposing that content can have a more significant benefit than just adding new content to your site. By updating an old blog for example, Google knows that there are changes to the content and will give it new life, and most likely a small spike in traffic. This can be done by updating title tags, meta descriptions, and links throughout the content and ensuring that the material is still relevant to your business. If the content is still relevant and is doing well, adding an infographic or a video can help drive even more traffic to the post and give it a fresh look.  

When You Redesign Your Site  

When you redesign your site, you should be looking at your current SEO before you get started. This is an excellent opportunity to make sure you have everything the search engines like and you’re getting rid of what they don’t. Before you start taking things off the site, make sure you are asking yourself the following: 

  • Am I changing my URLs? 
  • Am I removing content from the site? 
  • Am I making drastic changes to the structure of my site? 

All of these things will need to be accounted for before and after the changes are made. This can save you valuable time and stress when your redesign is complete.  

When Google Updates Their Algorithm  

Google is notorious for constant updates. Whenever there are major updates to the algorithm, it’s time to update your content to reflect those changes. Google has become more and more focused on user experience with every new update and will not reward sites with outdated tactics. It was common to see websites stuffed with keywords, too many links, and poorly written content in the past. Now, quality content and mobile-first user experience are crucial, and you should make sure your site reflects that.  

BONUS: All the Time  

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term project that should be updated regularly. By constantly updating your site to include new keywords and content, you will stay up-to-date with the algorithm and stay fresh in the search engine’s eyes.  

If you want to improve your website’s visibility and organic traffic, contact Haley Marketing Group with help developing an SEO strategy today.

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