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How to Create a Social Media Strategy (8-minute educational video)

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Using social media –  but not seeing great results?

Let’s change that! In this Snack Time video Brad Bialy, Director of Digital Marketing, provides ways to build a solid social strategy to achieve your sales and recruiting purposes:

When we think about why we’re using social media in the first place, it’s to drive measurable business success; it’s not to join the noise and the clutter that is social media; it’s to drive measurable ROI for our staffing and recruiting firms. That said, where do we get started?

Define Your Goals

When you think about yourself as a staffing or recruiting firm owner, what are your goals and what are your objectives for this quarter, for this year, heck, for this week or day, think about your goals, and once you have them defined, we need to start thinking through what that means from a social media standpoint? But it always comes back to representing your business goals. The goal is to attract clients. It’s getting in front of those prospects, those key decision-makers on social media. From there, we’re going to conceptualize our social media strategy.

Conceptualize Social Media Strategy

What strategies can help us achieve these goals? It could be your website design; it could be thinking through a conversion funnel visits to the website or the job board. It could be thinking through content marketing or telephone calls to your office or your team. Maybe it’s emailed to your team or becoming an employer of choice. Countless strategies align with business growth and development and client and candidate growth and development, so we want to make sure that those strategies are aligned again with our overall goal.

Here’s an example of the daily social sharing tactics we could deploy in support of an overall strategy:

  • Monday: we’re going to deploy some Monday Motivation imagery.
  • Tuesday: we’re going to share testimonials from current clients that show you’re a great partner in your local market
  • Wednesday: we’re going to share some blog content.
  • Thursday: maybe we share a series of client pain points. You know your local market better than anybody else; what are the biggest challenges that current decision-makers face in your local market?
  • Friday: we’re going to deploy some fun facts, and we’re going to incorporate client-focused FAQs, and maybe we have a great graphic that has a question, and then the answer links back to the website where someone can get that answer, and they can get that information. These are going to link back to key pages on your website where individuals can act.

Outline Tactics

There are so many tactics that you can deploy on social media. There are so many different platforms and different avenues where you could share content or where you can engage with applicants or prospects. You need to outline your tactics and think through them.

I’m comfortable with LinkedIn; I’m going to start there. But once you’ve identified your goals, you’ve thought through that strategy, then and at that point can you begin to outline your tactics. We don’t want to go the other way. We don’t want to start with our tactics and say, oh, we need to be on Facebook Live, we need to be on Instagram, we need to be on Reddit because I hear bands or sports teams or other people talking about those platforms. We need to think about our goals, align those with strategies and then tactics.

When we think through a social media strategy, it must come back to our overall business goals. We want to define those goals, we want to conceptualize our system, and ultimately, we want to outline the tactics that align with our strategies and plans. We don’t want to jump to the latest and newest tactic on social media because we see bands or sports teams doing it; we want to be strategic in everything we do. Make sure every post has a purpose, to make sure that every post.

If you need help designing and executing a world-class social marketing strategy, we can help! Connect with a marketing educator today.

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