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25 Ideas for Your Staffing Website

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This August marks Haley Marketing’s 25th birthday, but we’re starting the celebration early.

Our team came up with these 25 ideas to help turn your staffing website into a lead generation machine.

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1. Personalize User Experience

Using marketing automation tools like ActiveCampaign, gather information about what the end-user is doing on your site and then personalize the experience further by showing more relevant content. For example, collect names and determining if the viewers are clients or candidates based on pages viewed. Next time they visit, you can greet them with a home page personalized to their interests, like “Welcome Back Jane! Here are our most current jobs.”

2. Create Client Career Portal Pages

Allow your best or biggest clients to promote their unique culture, benefits, and all the jobs they have open with your staffing firm, giving your clients and candidates an understanding of your partnership.

3. Create a Career Portal Homepage

Show off videos and images of your team on your career page to promote your unique culture, show off your benefits, and explain why working for your firm is so much better than signing up with a competitor or online service.

4. Use Your Website As Your Marketing Hub

Drive all traffic from social media, YouTube, print pieces, business cards, email signatures, PPC, etc. to your website using unique landing pages, UTMs, etc. Couple this with marketing automation to warm leads and create new prospects over time.

5. Leverage Your Brand

Create a website that is unmistakably yours (ideally, have a professional do it!). Use bold branding with strong use of brand colors and your unique voice, fonts, and imagery to match your staffing firm’s brand.

6. Make Sure Every Page Has A Purpose

Knowing what action you want the user to take can help build a better user experience. It also allows you to track conversions to determine ROI or where improvements can be made to the site. (e.g., when a candidate reaches the job details page, the goal is to get them to apply).

7. Yes! You Need Specialty Pages!

Every page of your site should have a singular purpose. Jamming all of your specialties onto one page makes it confusing for users and for Google. Building out specialty pages helps candidates and job seekers find the right information quickly and helps with SEO when those specialty pages are optimized (which they should be).

8. Pay Attention To Microcopy

“Microcopy” is a short phrase of text (like CTAs, or phrases in search bars that tell you how to use them) that guides visitors to take the desired action. These phrases are essential to improving UX and conversions! Make sure you speak your customer’s language and inspire action with your microcopy.

9. Reduce Friction

Make it incredibly easy, efficient, and quick for candidates and prospects to take action. It takes two swipes to buy something on Amazon. How long does it take an applicant or prospect to take action on your site?

10. Tell Your Story

Instead of focusing on what you do or who you place, focus on why and your story. In the words of Simon Sinek, “people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” This also serves as a differentiator since few staffing firms focus on the bigger reason behind what they do.

11. Don’t Write Your Own Website Copy

It takes longer than you think it will. You must find time in your day to get it done on top of your other work responsibilities and priorities. It can end up delaying the completion of your website. Trust the experts to create engaging content for you.

12. Remember the Blog Isn’t For You!

Use your website blog to answer questions, share knowledge, and be a thought leader in your industry/community/niche — not just to talk about your company and services.

13. Add Enticing Opt-ins for Newsletters

Use your website to build your email marketing list by having smart opt-in widgets on every page sharing what content they’ll be receiving.

14. Use Fly-Ins with Good Offers

Bright, bold fly-ins with eye-catching imagery grab attention. Share offers/value adds such as eBooks, Salary Guides, or cut the chase to send job seekers straight to Job Search.

15. Leverage Landing Pages

Be sure to make the most of your landing pages. They’re a great way to collect sales leads.

16.Don’t Sacrifice Site Speed for Design

Too many design elements can make sites slow to load, which can have a negative impact on User Experience (UX) & SEO.

17. Connect with People’s Emotions and Deeper Desires

Appeal to the hopes and dreams of people looking for a job that will align with your value and offer. For example, if you’re looking for someone who is willing to learn, demonstrate how working for you would allow them to continuously learn.

18. Make Candidates Feel Safe

The past year has led to an increased focus on safety, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Clarify what precautions are being taken throughout the hiring process (whether it’s during the interview, onboarding, or on the job) to keep candidates/employees safe in regard to the spread of the virus. It could be a simple message on the job board or even its own dedicated page on the site, depending on how extensive the safety measures are.

19. Share Results

Feature testimonials, candidate stories, and case studies to tell your story and prove ROI for clients and successful placements for prospective candidates.

20. Display Testimonials

What better way to sell your company than with other people’s words and reviews? Everyone looks for company reviews online; having them right on your site is great, no matter what format is used. (Though, of course, we are partial to Haley Marketing’s Testimonial plugin.) Ask clients and candidates for testimonials and update your website with the newest ones regularly.

21. SEO Optimize Your Website

The best-designed website doesn’t mean anything if no one sees it! Invest in SEO to drive traffic to your site and more online visibility. Everyone wants to win the battle for SEO. One way to boost your site is to get people to visit multiple pages. So, from every entry page, double down on ways to get people to stay longer on the page or visit other pages on your site. Time on site is a ranking factor!

22. Think Like Google

Start with the actions visitors want to take (in Google’s case, it’s search). Provide a clean, simple interface to allow people to do that one thing. This can apply to each page of your site or just the home page. Google Analytics will help you identify where your website is performing well and where you can improve. Look at pages with high bounce and exit rates, then adjust those pages.

23. Use Google Search Console

Google Search Console will help you identify any issues with your site and show you how you perform in search results. Look for areas where you can earn a higher search click-through rate (CTR) and turn more search visibility into more traffic to your website.

24. Take Analytics to the Next Level

Go one step further with your analytics by setting up goal or event tracking. This will allow you additional insights into where the most important actions a user can take on your website are coming from, making it easier to decide where to spend marketing dollars or optimize key pages.

25. Optimize your Core Web Vitals

Google rewards sides that load fast, allow people to take action fast, and provide a great mobile (and desktop) experience. This kind of optimization is all techy stuff, so talk with your web developer about ideas to boost your site’s performance (as of March 2021, only 15% of websites passed Google’s core web vitals tests that go into effect in May 2021).

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