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25 Recruitment Marketing Ideas

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This August marks Haley Marketing’s 25th birthday, but we’re starting the celebration early.

Our team crowdsourced these 25 Recruitment Marketing Ideas to share with our friends in the staffing industry.

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25 Recruitment Marketing Ideas for Haley Marketing’s 25th Birthday

1. Define Your Employee Value Proposition​ (EVP)​

​Why would talent choose your company over anyone else?​ Ideally, your EVP will resonate with people working as temps as well as potential candidates outside the staffing industry.​

2. Create a Great Referral Program

Data shows that referral programs are often the best source for quality candidates. Get a little creative with your program, then market it aggressively to current employees.

3. Use Programmatic Job Board Advertising

Programmatic can you help avoid waste, identify which job boards drive more return, and be more strategic with your job spend.

4. Don’t Get Cute with Job Titles

No one is searching for “sales ninja” jobs. Use plain language, the exact job title, and incorporate all relevant information. You can incorporate fun elements in the body of the job description with tone or talk about culture.

5. Go Back to Your Candidate Database

You’ve already taken the time to review applications, speak with candidates, and put them on assignment. Instead of constantly looking for more applications and new applications, go back to your candidate database to redeploy great associates.

6. Reduce Friction in Your Application Process

Carefully consider each piece of information you ask for at the initial application. What is absolutely required to get the vital contact information, and what can wait until later in the process?

7. Use Hashtags to Find Active Jobseekers

With recruitment a huge challenge, use hashtags like “#LookingForOpportunities” or “#OpenToWork” to attract active candidates.

8. Make Data-Driven Decisions in Your Recruitment

Record the data to know the source of your top candidates and top placements. Shift money and resources accordingly to get the best recruiting ROI.

9. Cast a Wider Net with NetSocial

Get the whole team involved in getting opportunities in front of candidates by sharing jobs on their social media accounts.

10. Leverage Your Career Portal

Use the features you already have, such as category mailings and your automatically built candidate list. Turn on all distribution channels.

11. Recruit More Diversely

Review your branding to be sure a diverse array of candidates will feel welcome. Partner with organizations that have a diversity mission.

12. Check Your Gut Often

Hiring managers often “go with their gut” in making hiring decisions. Be sure you’re not just staying in your comfort zone and hiring people just like those already on the team.

13. Re-engage with Talent

Re-engage talent in your database to candidates you’ve worked with before use PPC remarketing, email, social, etc. Ask for referrals as part of reconnecting.

14. Identify Application Falloff

Tools like Google Analytics or the Haley Marketing career portal ROI dashboards can help you figure out where you’re losing candidates in the application process.

15. Share Candidate-Relevant Data

Share stats about candidate success in a way that speaks to candidates and shows the staffing industry cares about them.

16. Engage Active Job Seekers​

Advertise your best jobs, best clients, highest pay rates. Increase visibility and strengthen social proof through reviews, testimonials, and awards​.

17. Improve Conversion​

Optimize conversion paths on the website​, simplify forms, review exit pages, and test changes to increase response​.

18. Add More Calls to Action

Every Page on your website should have multiple, different CTAs, including buttons, text, images, fly-ins, and pop-ups to spark interest and drive action.​

19. Create Urgency

Give candidates a reason to act now with incentives like schedule flexibility​, remote work opportunities​, paid training, or incentive pay ​(sign-on bonus, assignment completion, quality of work bonus)​.

20. Collect Relevant Data​

Determine the pay rates and types of jobs at which applications start flowing for your industry and market.

21. Improve Candidate Experience

Increase touchpoints to show employees you care.​ Create compensation programs that offer incentives for completing assignments/redeployment. ​

22. Proactively Skill Market to Redeploy Talent

Work with employers to extend assignments or clearly define end dates.​ Use candidate automation to increase engagement and boost redeployment.​

23. Market to Your Competitors’ Temporary Workers​

Develop a stronger employee value proposition ​to win them away. ​Use geofencing campaigns to increase awareness of your jobs.

24. Get The Most from Your ATS​

Verify contact information and job skills are up to date;​ check on current availability.​ Personalize communication and use a mix of electronic outreach (email/text), physical mail, and phone calls​.

25. Show Career Growth Through Video

Create videos of employees who have developed professionally and advanced their careers by using what your company offers, such as jobs, training, etc.

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