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 25 Best Staffing Websites

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Haley Marketing’s 25th birthday is coming up fast, so our team is sharing some of the favorite websites for staffing we’ve created and a few that are not our work but still have some notable features. These are the Top 25 and the reasons we like them. Check them out, then sign up for our Birthday Bash!


The Bradley Group

  1. The Bradley Group chose the Porter design, one of our multidivisional starters. The result is one of our favorites because of the attention to detail to every division – between the copy, the division colors, imagery, and the layout – it creates a great user experience both on desktop and mobile.


Athlete Career Placements

  1. The Athlete Career Placements site, based on our Eldorado starter looks like a custom design for the cost of a starter site. It’s not your average staffing website. Athlete Career Placements captures their target audience (collegiate athletes and the employers who hire them) really well, which makes it stand out more than the average staffing website.


A.C. Coy

  1. This is a great example of the Mazama starter. We pulled the client’s brand in throughout the A.C. Coy website, not only in the colors used, but also with the line work throughout the site that pulls from the A.C. Coy logo.

Learning Technology Solutions

  1. From a UX and feature perspective, the Learning Technology Solutions website is great. With bold Calls to Action (CTAs) throughout, the site is integrated with our Job Board, Talent Showcase, Blogging, Newsletter.

Remedy Staffing

  1. Lots of white space that puts the content first in the Remedy Staffing Website. It makes it easy for the reader to find what they’re looking for fast. It’s easily skimmable. It’s also a great example of cohesive imagery, every image on this site matches in style and tone (also matches the tone of their logo/branding.) These little touches take a website from good to great.

Tiger Labor

  1. This is highly local and specific. The customer was delighted that we were able to highlight his theme in design and copy. The resulting Tiger Labor website shows the importance of working closely with a client to understand what makes their staffing firm unique.

Vector Technical

  1. Great imagery that tells the story of what Vector Technical does. The client was also very happy with the end result. From a UX standpoint, lots of bold CTAs and several of our products are integrated throughout the site.

The Advance Group

  1. Fun imagery, not “stuffy” or overly professional looking. The Advance Group website also ties in social imagery for fly-ins, contests, and promotions. It’s eye-catching and helps candidates get a sense of the company’s culture.

Essium Labs

  1. Cool looking site. The client said the Essium Labs website is going to give others “website envy.” This is not a staffing company; they are an onboarding technology player that focuses on the staffing industry.

Sure Staff

  1. Elevated branding and positioning for light industrial staffing sets the Sure Staff website apart. The client doesn’t look like just another staffing company.

Sterling Personnel

  1. Highly local focus for a Corpus Christi, TX staffing and recruiting company. Diamond branding carried throughout the Sterling Personnel website design. Specialty pages with SEO. The Haley Marketing resource center and ongoing blogging help present Sterling Personnel as a local thought leader in the staffing industry.

Top Sourced Talent

  1. Professional while not being stuffy both in design and messaging. Top Sourced Talent is a New England search firm recruiting leadership talent across several key functions.

Wapiti Medical

  1. Niche specialty (rural healthcare). Brand colors are used throughout the Wapiti Medical website. The Haley Marketing job board and talent showcase make the site a resource for job seekers and employers.

MAS Medical Staffing

  1. The MAS Medical Staffing website uses imagery to connect with their audience. Their site “sells” the adventure of working as a travel healthcare professional.

Frontline Funding

  1. Frontline Funding focuses on funding for staffing companies. They needed a clean and engaging site that communicates trustworthiness and professionalism. Their ongoing blogging with Haley Marketing provides useful information for their clients.

Alliance Resource Group

  1. The Alliance Resource Group website is easy to navigate and communicates clearly to their accounting and finance job seeker and employer audiences.

Debbie’s Staffing

  1. Clear communication of services with specialty and location pages. The Debbie’s Staffing website does an excellent job of showing their company culture through images and copy.

Marquee Staffing

  1. Nice use of background video and Calls to Action across the Marquee Staffing website. Large drop-down menu and plenty of specialties pages.

Elby Professional Recruitment

  1. Great location pages, strong imagery, and nice implementation of branding in the Elby Professional Recruitment website.

CoWorx Staffing Services

  1. The CoWorx Staffing Services website is audience-focused across the site and features good, clear, large Calls to Action.

DVA Technologies

  1. The DVA Technologies website is a great IT staffing site. It’s a Mazama site that was nicely customized with logo colors and stand-out calls to action.


Non-Haley Marketing Sites

Here are a few websites we didn’t design that have features or elements we appreciate.


  1. We love how this U.K. site integrates both the candidate and client experiences on the homepage. The leading line and header boxes introduce content relevant to candidates and to clients. We like the way they position themselves to solve business problems, not just provide staffing “We’re here to help with your business challenge. Get in touch to find out more and start the conversation today.”

Clarity Recruiting

  1. We love the simplicity of this site. There’s not a lot of copy, just what matters. Text sizes a little bit bigger to make the website easy to skim (appeals to increasingly short attention spans). We also really like the conversational form and calls to action right from the hero section of the homepage.


  1. If you like animation and movement… They do it well and fast. Easy to navigate and shows their unique personality.

Korn Ferry

  1. Love the use of imagery and color on this site. We also like the way they have created a site within the site for their candidates: https://www.kornferry.com/careers/candidates

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