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It Is Time To Update and Segment Your Candidate Email Lists

It Is Time To Update and Segment Your Candidate Email Lists
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In the current job market, active and passive candidates have their choice of jobs. The easier and more customized you can make their job search, the more likely they will want to work with you. By updating and segmenting your lists, you can reach the right candidates and provide them with information, hot jobs, and advice tailored to their needs.  


The Importance of Updating Your Email Marketing Lists 


Keeping your email lists updated may seem like a no-brainer, but with jobs to fill, candidates to interview, and new obligations popping up each day, it often falls through the cracks. But it shouldn’t! Email marketing is an incredibly effective way to reach active and passive job seekers.  


This is especially true for passive job seekers. According to one study, one in four Americans weren’t actively looking for a job when they found their current one. If you haven’t updated your email list frequently, you could be missing out on showcasing open jobs or relevant information to interested passive job seekers.  


Tips for Keeping Your Candidate Lists Fresh:  


Add Candidates That You Placed In The Past 

Once a candidate has finished a temporary assignment, they should be added back to your candidate mailing list. You should be sending them hot jobs, resources, and information to keep them engaged. That way, you can stay top of mind with them and hopefully reassign them to a new job in the future.  


Always Look to Add New Candidates 

The more ways you can advertise your mailing list, the better. Post a link to subscribe to your social media pages, tell candidates to subscribe for hot job or informational emails if they weren’t the right fit for the original position, or add a fly-in to your website.  


Frequently Update With Candidates Who Apply (and consent) 

It is essential to receive permission from candidates before adding them to your email lists, but once you have their consent, they should be added right away. This can be done with in-person applicants by asking them during your meeting or with online applicants by adding a section to your application process where they can opt-in to receive job updates. 


How Segmentation Can Take Your Candidate Email Marketing to The Next Level 


Emails highlighting the top vacancies you are trying to fill are critical for staffing firms. With so many jobs available in the current market, candidates are overwhelmed with the open opportunities. Sending an email with the top positions for their industry, seniority level, and location can help you find excellent placements and help them find a job without the hassle. But how do you send the right positions to the right candidates? The key to that is through segmentation. Chances are, your applicant tracking system allows you to sort by industry, job, location, seniority, and other factors. By pulling these lists, you can send tailored information to those on each list.  


Tips for Segmenting Your Candidate Lists 


The More Specific, The Better 

The more specific you can make your segmentation, the stronger your results will be. When sending emails, especially hot job emails, you want only to show jobs the candidate is interested in. Not doing so will result in a loss of trust from the candidate’s viewpoint. Just as relevant jobs emails will be seen as helpful, jobs that do not fit their needs will be seen as annoying and waste their time. These are just a few of the standard segmentation criteria, and all can be combined for added specificity:  

  • Industry 
  • Specific Job 
  • Location 
  • Seniority 
  • Stage in Job Search Process (Active or Passive) 


Messages That Resonate 

Once you choose your segment, the key will be to craft messaging that resonates with this audience. Although you will be sending out the same message to hundreds of candidates, you will want it to seem unique to that candidate. To do this, you should use as many customized fields as possible. Make sure that, at the least, it pulls in the candidate’s name in the salutation.  


You also want to use messaging that will entice each candidate from the start. Your email subject line is incredibly important. One study showed that 35% of all candidates open the email based on the subject line alone.  


Calls to action will be vital for getting the candidate to take the next step. It can be helpful to try out different calls to action to see which message is best for getting readers to take action. These calls to action should link back to your site or the job highlighted in the mailing. Clear calls to action and relevant links will help enhance your reader’s experience.  


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