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Big Ideas for Social Recruiting Part 3: Tag and Share Content

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2021 has been full of uncertainty but there IS one thing we know for sure: recruiting is tougher these days! Make that two things: we’ve also learned that there is power in community. Put those two ideas together and what do you get?

10 ideas for leveraging the power of community in your recruiting efforts!

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So how can you galvanize your team to make tagging and sharing content a team effort?

  1. Get everyone involved in social sharing (i.e., sharing jobs and content relevant for job seekers). Social algorithms only show your content to a small fraction of your audience. Getting everyone on your team to share candidate-related content won’t bombard job seekers, but it will increase your organic visibility. WARNING – Blatant Self Promotion! This is why we created NetSocial! We know how hard it can be to get all your salespeople, recruiters, and managers to share content, so we created software to automate it!
  2. Use Facebook Groups as a ground-level way to connect with real people. Search for groups that target your ideal job candidates. There are groups for jobs in almost every city and groups for people with specific career interests. Share your jobs in all relevant local and industry-specific Facebook Groups. While using groups takes work (it’s a 1:1 environment and should not be automated), the potential payoffs are huge: Real people use these groups and want to interact!
  3. Allow your recruiters to “take over” your social media pages for the day. Show off “A day in the life of working with XYZ Staffing.”
  4. Use the comment sections on social media platforms. Encourage your followers to tag friends who are looking for jobs to create a social referral system.
  5. Encourage your employees and candidates to “Tag and Share” content. This way, your content will get shared with their friends…and people who are actively looking for work.
  6. Have your recruiters tag candidates they work with on job postings on Facebook. This way, your job posts show up in their newsfeed, and it feels like the recruiter is thinking about them.
  7. Share talent from your Talent Showcase on social. Include two links in your posts: one with a job seeker link to sign up, as well as one with an employer link to learn more about the candidate featured in the social share. Let other candidates see that the client showcases their talent and gets them in front of potential employers. The two links will allow clients to see more about the featured candidate, while the signup link will allow for building the talent in the showcase.
  8. Go social with referral programs. Promote your referral incentives via social media. Use direct messaging to ask for referrals. Celebrate referrals who get placed. Show off the rewards you provide. Make sure referral program promotion is part of your monthly social marketing calendar! (You do have a content calendar, right???)
  9. Use client names and logos in posts. Show off the best employers you represent (make sure you obtain permission to use their company name on social media). Their employment brand can help you attract talent!
  10. Focus on passive job seekers. Share content to capture the attention of people who may be open to a new job, but not actively looking. Your content might address the top reasons why people decided to look for a new career (e.g., hate my boss, not appreciated, underpaid, bad schedule, no opportunities for advancement, etc.).

Up next: Big Ideas for Social Recruiting Part 4: Inform and Inspire

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