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[Interview] Amy Giessinger & Scott Morefield

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What happens when you put four marketers in a room (or in this case curtain walled booth at Staffing World) and let them go?

You get a fun, inspired, and yeah, a little marketing biased discussion about the ins and outs of marketing (and recruiting) in the staffing industry.

Our guests for this show, Amy Giessinger, Vice President of Marketing at Doherty |  and Dahl Consulting, and Scott Morefield, Marketing Director for Luttrell Staffing Group are two really smart marketers with different, yet complimentary views on the role and value of marketing in the staffing industry.

Here are some of the highlights of this episode:

  • The evolution of marketing in the staffing industry and essential role it now plans in providing a voice to leadership teams in staffing organizations.
  • How to start, build, and structure an internal marketing team (and when to get outside help!)
  • Strategies to get marketing to work most effectively with salespeople and recruiters.
  • The importance of ensuring that your marketing message echoes your company’s core values and mission.
  • The impact of COVID on marketing (and recruiting) strategies.

If you’d like to know more about connect with Amy Giessinger and Scott Morefield and learn more about their companies, here’s how you can connect:


Connect with Amy

Amy Giessinger on LinkedIn

Doherty website

Dahl Consulting website

Connect with Scott

Scott Morefield on LinkedIn

Luttrell Staffing Group website

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This podcast was recorded live at Staffing World 2021. It was also our third ever live podcast. And as with our other live recordings, there were a few audio issues. So, please excuse the background noise and a little inconsistency in the mic input, and enjoy the terrific wisdom shared by Amy and Scott!


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