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Leveraging Video for Recruiting and Branding: How Can You Add Video to Your Marketing Mix? (Part 3 of 4)

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I hope this 4-post series has you thinking about how to make video your secret staffing weapon.

We covered the WHY and a little bit of the WHAT in these related  posts:

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Now let’s dive into…

HOW Can You Add Video to Your Marketing Mix?

Repurpose Existing Content

  • Turn your blogs into videos. You already have the content. Why not repurpose it in an engaging and easy to consume format?
  • Create video job postings. Video can give potential employees a more complete and accurate impression of the job and your company culture. They hear your “voice” and see what it’s really like to work with you.
  • Share video testimonials. Let prospects and applicants see firsthand the value that employers and job seekers have found in your services. What’s more powerful than seeing with their own two eyes?
  • Market existing talent. Place candidate profiles on your website so employers can view currently available talent. Video showcases candidates’ personalities and professionalism so employers can evaluate how well they fit into the company culture.

Highlight Employer Branding

Employer branding doesn’t earn an immediate return on investment, but it will increase long-term engagement. Create “day in the life” videos showcasing different jobs you fill. Take video on job sites. Show how people are working.

Create 30-60 second videos that highlight employees where you made a difference in their lives. Highlight employees who have moved onto a career because of the start your staffing agency gave them.

We trust employees THREE TIMES as much as we trust employers. Leverage your top talent and showcase the best stories.

Spotlight Personal Branding

Help recruiters and other employees develop a brand of their own. As they make connections and share their expertise, your reach will increase exponentially. Their engagement can reflect on you and indicate your staffing firm is full of industry experts and thought leaders.

Are you ready to roll but still looking for a simple way to create compelling videos? We’ve got you covered! Our marketing agency can help you create, share and leverage videos that will drive applications and orders. What can Haley Marketing video marketing for staffing firms offer your business?

Video NOW, the simple solution to marketing for staffing.

Haley Marketing offers a quick and easy way to add low-cost, on-demand, branded video to your marketing. It’s ideal for testimonials, hot job promos, skill marketing, branding and more.

In just moments and with a couple of clicks, you can create and share a brief video that will grab attention and drive action. Video NOW makes it a snap to get rolling.

Up Next: What Can You Do With Video Once You Create It?

Can’t wait for the final episode of our video series? Binge “BIG Ideas on Leveraging Video for Recruiting and Branding” here.

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