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How to Catch a Ghost: Must-Have Automations for 2022 

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Wish you could nail down the moment a candidate loses interest and disappears forever?

You aren’t alone. Every staffing firm has frustrating stories of the ones that got away.  

Unfortunately, there’s not a single answer to the age-old staffing question of how to keep candidates interested because ghosting happens at various places in the employment journey.  

To catch a ghost, you must cast many nets.  

Ready for some good news?

Here’s how marketing automation can help you cast nets to keep candidates engaged at every stage of their journey with your company.


Net: Re-engagement workflow. Target candidates who are available to work but have been rolling around in your ATS for a while without a placement. They could be a great fit for something, but they get passed over for candidates with more skills or experience.  


Net: Post-apply thank you. Candidates are accustomed to immediate gratification. They want to know their application has been received and book an interview ASAP. If you don’t have an automation in place to reach out to them right away, they’ll be on to the next staffing firm. *Poof* Another idea: create an automation for candidates who applied but haven’t responded to a call, text, or email. An automated workflow can help you stay in front of them for another month or so. No response? Let them gho-st. 

Net: Interview reminder. An automation that reminds candidates they’ve scheduled an interview with you tells them you’re still interested—and can prevent no-shows. Bonus net: Sending an automated post-interview survey can give you valuable information about your process. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know why that candidate ghosted you. Armed with post-interview feedback, you might catch the next candidate. 


Net: Client submission check-ins. In many professional sectors, candidates appreciate frequent updates on where they are in the hiring process. If too much time passes without an update, they might feel ignored and move on to the next agency. Creating an automated check-in can buy you some time to find the best placement. 

Net: Start date reminder. An automated workflow that reminds candidates of where and when they start their placement can help keep them on track—or give you more time to fill the role if they can’t make it. 


Net: First Day/Week/Month check-in. Candidates on assignment appreciate support but checking in with multiple candidates is incredibly time-consuming. Let your automations check-in for you, and then follow up personally with any urgent issues. Pro Tip: This one isn’t just for temporary employees or project work, this also works well for direct hire and recruitment firms. Fit and retention are so important for any placement, make sure you are inquiring! 


Net: Redeployment workflow. As candidates end their assignments, don’t let them disappear! No doubt they are being reached out to by other employers. If you communicate, they will stay! Create an automation to stay in touch with them and get them placed in a new role. Bonus: If you don’t want to tip off the candidate about their end date, set these notifications to go to the recruiter who can follow up with them.  

Need more ideas on how to use automation to keep candidates engaged with your staffing firm? Contact our staffing automation ghosthunters today.  

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