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Using Automation to Place Candidates From the Lost and Found: Tips for Your Staffing Firm 

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You’ve worked so hard to recruit, screen and place associates.

Yet there are many places in the employment process where candidates can be lost.  

Some applied and are waiting for an interview. Others weren’t a great fit for the job and started looking elsewhere. Perhaps your recruiters are buried, and candidates have lost interest by the time they get a response to their applications. Many candidates finish their assignments and move on if they don’t hear from their recruiters. Would you blame them? 

Here’s how to use your automation platform to get—and keep—those great employees working through your staffing agency. 

Clean Up Your Database 

Create campaigns that reach out to candidates based on relevant data (such as interview date or other criteria that indicate time has passed) and ask them to update their email address, phone number, or additional necessary information. Candidates can write back to these fields, creating a fresh, reliable source of information for recruiters to call upon to make future placements. 

Re-engage Passive Candidates 

Keep stirring that database by creating a re-engagement campaign based on status or another relevant field. Send texts, emails, or surveys alerting candidates to job opportunities and asking if they are looking for work. The candidates who respond become a “new” source of talent for job placements. Other ways to re-engage passive candidates: 

  • Inform them of upcoming company events 
  • Casually check-in to say hello and show interest 
  • Ask for referrals (and offer an incentive!) 
  • Offer employment resources 

Thank Candidates for Applying 

Excellent communication tops the list for positive candidate experience. When a candidate applies to a job, create a workflow that reaches out with a cheery “thank you!” This is your chance to make contact and keep the candidate engaged with your firm. If it takes a few days to review their resume, reach out again with a time frame. Some of our clients even use this as an opportunity to prequalify candidates. Asking “knock-out” questions in a survey or chatbot can save recruiters time by eliminating candidates who aren’t qualified—and fast-tracking candidates with high potential. 

Send Hot Job Alerts 

Reach out to inactive candidates with great job opportunities that match their skills and interests. Whether you create a one-off or ongoing campaign, a “hot jobs” text or email is a great way to keep your staffing firm in front of candidates. 

Create Internal Notifications for Recruiters 

As a candidate’s placement end date approaches, create an internal notification for their recruiter to reach out to confirm their end date and talk about the next assignment. Once contact has been made, use the opportunity to ask the candidate about their experience and potentially gain referrals or an improved NPS. 

Need more ideas on how to use automation to keep your staffing firm top-of-mind with candidates? We’re happy to help! Contact our staffing automation experts today. 

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