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Anatomy of a Smart Re-engagement Campaign: Tips for Your Staffing Firm

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The tight labor market is getting even tougher with economic uncertainty creating pressure from all sides. Is your staffing firm scouring your ATS and looking for ways to do more with less?

Consider these tips for crafting a smart re-engagement strategy to help your firm make the most of every application:

Know Your Process

Have you walked through your hiring process to see what candidates experience when they begin working for your firm? From application to re-deployment, it’s crucial to understand your candidate experience so you can identify opportunities for improvement.

For example, when candidates submit applications, do they get an immediate response? They might move on to the next staffing firm if they receive radio silence. Consider creating a post-apply automation to reassure candidates that their application is under review, and a member of your team will be in touch with them soon.

Here are a few other automations that create an excellent hiring experience and tell candidates you appreciate the opportunity to work with them:

  • Submission updates. When a candidate is submitted for a job, create an automation to update the candidate.
  • Start date reminder. Remind candidates where and when their placement starts, and let them know you’re available to answer any questions.
  • Check-ins. Automated first day/week/month check-ins can free up your recruiters’ time while giving candidates a clear channel for communicating any issues.

Make It Personal

Re-engagement doesn’t always mean selling jobs. Sometimes it means keeping your firm approachable and top-of-mind with passive candidates who may be looking for jobs in the future—or might recommend your firm to their friends. A smart re-engagement strategy includes touchpoints that survey candidates for feedback, like:

  • Would you prefer to hear from us via text or email?
  • What kind of jobs interest you?
  • Did you gain skills on your last assignment that qualify you for new opportunities?
  • Do you know anyone who would be a good fit for the staffing firm?
  • Would you recommend the staffing firm to your friends or family (NPS)

Personalizing the experience and asking candidates for feedback can help you improve your candidate experience—and keep candidates working with your firm.

Pay Attention to Details

Your goal is to deliver the right message to the right candidate at the right time, and details greatly impact your automation campaigns. For best results, be sure to:

  • Set up statuses, audiences, fields, and forms correctly.
  • Consider the timing of message delivery.
  • Use the appropriate delivery medium (email or SMS) for the audience.
  • Test your campaigns before sending.
  • Forecast results. (What happens if your campaign is a success? Then what? Do you need to batch delivery over a period of time so your recruiters don’t get crushed by candidate responses?)

Measure, Tweak, Repeat

Once your campaigns are live and you’re getting results, it’s time to optimize! Use data to fine-tune your results and improve your response from candidates.

Our marketing automation experts are ready to help you re-engage! Contact us today to learn how to build, personalize, and optimize your marketing automation campaigns.

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