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Recession Proof Your Staffing Firm with Marketing Automation 

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What’s next? Who knows!

Get ready for anything.

If you’re waiting to see what happens with the economy before you figure out how to cut costs, maximize efficiency, and double down on relationships…why not take some proactive measures? Examining people and processes NOW can create efficiencies and keep productivity high.

Consider these tips for using automation to improve your existing recruiting processes.

Here’s how to prepare right now…

Potential Problem: Your best sourcer quits, and you’re losing great candidates.

Automation Goal: Get more efficient and effective at recruiting.

Effective Recruiting Automations:

  • Post-apply thank you to candidates
  • New applicant status update campaign to keep candidates engaged
  • Silver medal series to interest rejected candidates in other opportunities

Potential Problem: Process Bloat. Losing tribal knowledge in the firm.

Automation Goal: Cut costs without costly layoffs that waste resources spent on hiring, onboarding, and training.

Effective Process Automations:

  • Database clean-up to confirm candidates’ contact information
  • Status change automation to move candidates through the funnel efficiently
  • Prescreening touchpoints to get qualified candidates into the right jobs faster
  • Onboarding campaign to welcome new hires and deliver a consistent, positive candidate experience

Potential Problem: Clients taking recruiting in-house, bringing in other competitors, or going DARK.

Automation Goal: Solidify your relationships with clients.

If you lose visibility, you will lose market share. A flexible workforce is less expensive, especially in uncertain times. Make sure your clients know you’re ready and willing to help them grow. Provide value, stay top-of-mind, and help your clients survive and plan ahead. Use automation as one way to show you care about their pain points, provide resources, and demonstrate the ROI of your services.

Effective Sales Automations:

  • Welcome series introducing new clients to your firm
  • Re-engagement campaign for inactive clients
  • Feedback survey to gauge client satisfaction and gather testimonials

Potential Problem: Revenue Loss

Automation Goal: Don’t abandon your tech!

Many staffing companies slam on the brakes when it comes to investing time or money in technology during a recession. Although slashing tech spending may help you survive during the recession, you’ll be in a weak position after the economic downturn. Analytics give you insight into your business, how the recession is affecting it, and where your opportunities lie. Automation can expand your reach in the market, enable your sales force to better leverage their time, sell new services, and lower your sales and recruiting costs!

Need more ideas on how to use automation to keep candidates engaged with your staffing firm? Contact our staffing automation ghosthunters today.

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