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How Can My Staffing Firm Sell More in Today’s Economy?

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How Can My Sales Team Generate More Job Orders Right Now?

It’s a question we get all the time at Haley Marketing – especially during times like these. With unemployment remaining low and economic forecasts that seem to change with the wind, it can be challenging to know what sales and marketing strategies make the most sense to drive orders for temporary staff and direct hires.

The Best Sales and Marketing Ideas for Staffing Firms

At Haley Marketing, we believe that knowledge is power. So below, I’ve hand-picked 4 resources your staffing sales team can use to:

  1. Understand how to sell staffing in today’s economy (Hint: it starts with knowing your audience – and helping them solve their problems).
  2. Choose the sales and marketing activities that make the most sense for your staffing firm.
  3. Find the resources you need to recession-proof your staffing firm (Yes, you can choose NOT to participate in a recession…and make it your competitors’ problem, instead!).

4 Must-Read/Watch/Listen Content Picks for Driving Staffing Sales

#1. It’s Gonna Get Weird (blog post)

Regardless of which way our economy and labor markets trend, you have an unprecedented opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Build trust with clients and prospects. And prove your value as a true business consultant. Are you ready to seize it? It’s easier than you think. And it starts with your content.

Uncertainty breeds anxiety and indecision – so be the antidote! Right now, employers need your help. They’re looking for answers. They’re looking for guidance. They’re looking for an advisor they can trust. This is where your content comes into play.

Providing high-quality information that answers employers’ questions shows that you understand their problems, and that you know/care enough to help them solve those problems. Sharing relevant information and sound advice, at the right time and in the right way, is a powerful strategy for helping employers navigate uncertainty.

It elevates you from the role of a vendor to an indispensable partner. In this blog post, you’ll learn:

  • How to conduct a content audit – and determine which pieces are most relevant and valuable to clients and prospects in today’s economy.
  • How to share that content with purpose – to educate, nurture relationships and drive response from employers.

#2. Planning Your Marketing Around Economic Uncertainty (podcast)

If you prefer listening to learn, you’ll love our Secrets of Staffing Success podcast. In this episode, hosts Brad Bialy and Matt Lozar share digital marketing trends for staffing and recruiting firms.

Nobody has a crystal ball, so in this episode you’ll learn:

  • The key to preparing your marketing amid economic uncertainty
  • What happens when you STOP marketing in a down economy
  • How your sales team should adjust their approach to sell more in this economy

#3. Staffing Brain Fuel (website with free educational resources)

Will 2023 bring continued talent shortages? Higher costs? More turnover? A recession? This website will help your sales team successfully navigate WHATEVER the economy and talent market brings. Staffing Brain Fuel contains Haley Marketing’s top eBooks, articles, and webinars all in one location.

You’ll find:

  • Some of our latest advice for driving staffing sales in a down economy.
  • Time-tested strategies to drive growth in uncertain times.
  • Tons of resources to train your sales teams (especially if they’ve never sold in a recession before).

#4. Marketing Tools & Strategies to Improve Sales and Get Closer to Clients (video)

In this presentation, Susan Wurst and I share simple, proven strategies to capture staffing decision-makers’ attention. Generate more inquiries. And drive more sales in our uncertain economy:

You’ll learn:

  • Practical tips to drive more sales in a down economy.
  • The best ways to nurture business relationships and grow new ones – even in a recession.
  • How integrated direct marketing (IDM) can make your sales team more efficient and successful.
  • How to position yourself as a trusted partner to clients, improve the value you deliver, and make your staffing firm indispensable.

Need Marketing to Drive Staffing Sales?

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