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Top 18 Marketing Strategies & Tactics for 2023: Part 4- Expand Your Client Base

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Marketing in the staffing industry in 2023 has changed. While recruitment marketing is still important, firms need to do more in 2023 to stand out, stay top-of-mind, and drive sales.

Welcome to the last part of this blog series. Part 4 will discuss 5 strategies and tactics to help expand your client base.

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Idea 1:


Staffing demand may be down, but it will return. 

When it does, will you be top-of-mind?  

Nurturing is not about immediate wins. It’s about continual, high-value, (mostly) non-sales-y outreach—and ensuring that no client or prospect ever gets forgotten. 

Nurturing can include: 

  • Sharing educational content, like a print or email publication 
  • Inviting people to webinars or other events 
  • Recognizing when a client or prospect is in the news 
  • Taking a client or prospect out for coffee 
  • Sending a holiday greeting or personal note
  • Staying top-of-mind with prospects or inactive clients

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Idea 2:

Create 3×3 networks 

Credit for this idea goes to our friends at Butler Street. 

In good times or bad, you want to strengthen the depth of your client relationships. Think of your network like a spider web: the more connection points, the stronger your web. 

For every client, look to develop contacts across three functional areas or departments at three levels deep (e.g., executive, HR manager, supervisor). 

Building wider and deeper networks will help you to increase your “share of wallet” (the percentage of each client’s staffing business you win), cross-sell, and limit your risk from contact turnover. 

Idea 3:

Focus on the economic value of staffing  

Do your clients really understand the value of staffing services—how staffing (and recruiting) can be used to control costs, improve productivity, and mitigate business risk? 

If the market shifts and job orders become scarce, companies that know how to demonstrate value in a down market will win! 

Idea 4:

Programmatic job ad management 

Guess what? Job advertising costs just went up…again! 

Now, more than ever, you need to get the greatest bang for your job ad buck, and through programmatic software (managed by someone who specializes in job ad management for staffing), we’re seeing our clients lower their cost per apply by 30% or more. 

>Want to know more about how programmatic works? Check out www.recruitmentmarketers.com/programmatic101  

Idea 5:

Re-engage at every stage  

Re-engagement is about reconnecting with people with whom you’ve had a relationship. Typically, we think about re-engagement in recruiting—and re-activating candidates in the ATS. 

But re-engagement shouldn’t be limited to old candidates. You should re-engage clients and candidates at every stage of your sales and recruiting processes.  

Email follow-ups. Text check-ins. Reactivation calls. Retargeting PPC ads. Re-engagement is an ideal way to stay top-of-mind. Reduce ghosting. Improve sales conversions. And increase redeployment. 

Final thoughts…

I hope you found these strategies valuable, and if you would like the full ebook you can download it here.

To learn more about any of our services or brainstorm ideas specifically to help your firm, contact us at 1.888.696.2900 or [email protected].

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