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12 Strategies To Level Up Your Marketing: Part 3 – Selling More Staffing

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Welcome to part 3 in my series of posts designed to help you LEVEL UP your marketing.

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Today, I explain how to master the AIDA model and drive staffing sales with Integrated Direct Marketing.


Want to sell more staffing? Don’t sell like everyone else!

What’s your primary method of selling? Cold calling? Referrals?  

That’s what everyone is doing. Think about this from the buyer’s perspective. They are receiving dozens of calls from staffing sales reps EVERY WEEK…why would they take the time to speak with you? 

In staffing, your first sale is the one to get an appointment.

To close that sale, you need to master AIDA! 

AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

In marketing, AIDA is an acronym that is fundamental to success. Before you can get a prospect to take an action, you first need to capture their attention, get them interested in a problem you can solve or a benefit you can offer, and make them want to work with you and your company (desire). 

Attention, interest, and desire is a lot to ask of one cold call. In fact, unless your brand is already well-known (or you’re lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time), it’s nearly impossible to get an appointment from a cold call. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Salespeople need to make calls. And cold calling can work, but it only has about a 2.5% success rate. You don’t want your salespeople wasting 97.5% of their time, do you? 

To improve sales performance, incorporate Integrated Direct Marketing (IDM)

IDM is a process of integrating sales and marketing into a structured process that leverages multiple forms of outreach (mail, email, LinkedIn messaging, phone) across multiple touchpoints to capture attention and get prospects interested in the problems you can solve and value you can offer. 

Why should you use IDM campaigns to sell?

  • They provide a step-by-step process for reaching out to prospects 
  • They offer great topics of conversation for sales calls 
  • They address critical employer pain points 
  • They demonstrate your expertise and value 
  • They position your firm as a trusted advisor 
  • They warm prospects for initial calls 
  • They nurture relationships 
  • And they give your sales leaders an easy way to measure and monitor the performance of the sales team  

IDM campaigns are an optimal tool for integrating AIDA into your sales process. We’ve seen IDM campaigns improve sales call to appointment ratios by 100% and shorten sales cycles from months to weeks.

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