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[InSights] Stop the Recruiting FOMO and Start Running Your Own Race

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Have you ever wondered why your posts on LinkedIn aren’t reaching as many people as they used to? Are you curious about how to make your recruitment marketing more effective? Join Brad Bialy and Matt Lozar, as they delve into the world of algorithms, exploring how the content you share can be strategically crafted for maximum impact. They share insights from their own experiences, including the potential censorship of posts on LinkedIn and how data analysis can be used to craft engaging content.

They also discuss the importance of balancing automation with traditional marketing tactics in leadership roles. It’s not about chasing the latest and greatest, but learning from successful strategies of the past and testing different tactics. We share our thoughts on the recent launch of Twitter threads and its potential impact on marketing.

Matt highlights the crucial role of researching job titles and salaries to attract the right talent, and Brad shares his experience of reducing screen time with a summer detox from social media.

Tune in and learn how to refresh your marketing strategies and run your own race in this ever-evolving digital world.



  • Brad’s screen time is down 36% since last show 
    Brad shares his experience of taking a summer detox from social media and his success in reducing his screen time. They discussed the recent launch of Twitter threads and offered their thoughts on the platform.
  • Mid-year resolutions for your recruitment marketing 
    Brad and Matt discuss mid-year resolutions for recruitment marketing. Matt highlights the importance of researching titles and salaries for jobs to attract the right talent. He also suggested presenting clients with data to get more results from job postings.
  • Stop the FOMO and start running your own race 
    Brad and Matt discuss how to balance automation and traditional marketing techniques. They emphasize the importance of being strategic about content and how to find the right balance of automation and traditional marketing. They talk about not just chasing the latest and greatest but also learning from successful strategies of people who have come before. Finally, they emphasize the importance of testing different tactics and having a conversation with colleagues to learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Brad’s convinced LinkedIn is trying to silence him 
    We explore how LinkedIn might be silencing Brad’s posts, how algorithms work, and how to be strategic with content. We discuss how Brad’s post on LinkedIn didn’t reach as many people as it usually does and how that might be linked to the platform’s censorship. We also talk about how it’s impossible to guarantee a post will go viral, but that it’s important to promote good content and understand what works on the platform. Finally, we emphasize the importance of analyzing data to understand what works well for you and how to craft content.



Brad Bialy 
(LinkedIn / Twitter)

Brad Bialy has a deep passion for helping staffing and recruiting firms achieve their business objectives through strategic digital marketing. For over a decade, Brad has developed a proven track record of motivating and educating staffing industry professionals at over 100 industry-specific conferences and webinars.
As a visionary leader, Brad has helped guide the social media, content marketing, and comprehensive marketing execution of more than 300 staffing and recruiting firms. His keen eye for strategy and delivery has resulted in multiple industry award-winning social media campaigns, making him a sought-after expert in the industry.


Matt Lozar 

(LinkedIn / Twitter / Bio)

Matt Lozar works as the Director of Recruitment Marketing at the Haley Marketing Group, the nation’s largest marketing firm dedicated to servicing the staffing and recruiting industry.

As the Director of Recruitment Marketing, Matt focuses on the four pillars of recruitment marketing – career sites, job advertising, social recruiting and employer branding. Matt launched the job spend management division at the Haley Marketing Group, leading the company’s partnership with Appcast. Through the usage of programmatic software, the division grew more than 100 percent in 2022 after growing more than 200 percent in 2021! The department works with dozens of staffing agencies, managing millions of dollars of recruitment spend.

Matt has eight-plus years of working directly with staffing agencies and recruiters by helping them meet business goals and overcome marketing challenges. During that time, Matt has worked with more than 100 organizations to find the right content and digital marketing solutions. He also concentrates on online advertising while helping staffing agencies with social media planning, content strategy, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Matt has appeared on more than 25 webinars across the industry while also talking at several industry conferences. He is a co-host on the Secrets of Staffing Success podcast, appearing on more than 120 episodes. Matt also holds a biweekly LinkedIn Live broadcast on Tuesdays at 11 am Eastern where he talks about recruitment marketing, content marketing, and job advertising.




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