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Recruiters Websites Launches TalentScribe, an AI Blog Writing Assistant for Recruiters

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Recruiters Websites, a division of Haley Marketing and leading provider of digital marketing solutions and custom websites for the recruitment industry, has announced the launch of TalentScribe, an AI assistant that will revolutionize the way recruiters create and post blogs on their websites. TalentScribe uses trained AI technology to assist in the creation and posting of recruiting-specific blogs, allowing recruiters to save time and focus on what matters most—finding and hiring top talent.

The new tool is designed to make it easy for recruiters to create and post high-quality blogs on their websites without having to spend hours writing and editing them. TalentScribe is built on prompts that understand the needs and preferences of recruiters and their target audience, ensuring that the content is relevant and engaging.

“We understand that recruiters are busy people and that creating and posting blogs can be time-consuming,” Jeff Gipson, founder and CEO at Recruiters Websites. “That’s why we have developed this tool that will assist with and speed up the process and make it easy for recruiters to have fresh and relevant content on their websites at all times.”

The tool is built to work on any WordPress website and offers a range of features, including the ability to choose from a variety of blog topics and styles, schedule blog posts in advance, and track the performance of each blog post. The monthly plans start at $195 per month.

“We believe that this new tool will be a game-changer for recruiters,” said Gipson. “It will allow them to create and post high-quality blogs on their websites with ease, improve their site’s SEO and ultimately help them attract new client leads and build authority in their niches.”

Recruiters Websites is a leading provider of marketing solutions for the recruitment industry, offering a range of services including website design, SEO, PPC advertising, and more. The company is committed to helping recruiters grow their businesses and achieve their goals through innovative marketing strategies.

For more information about this new marketing tool and other digital marketing solutions for the recruitment industry from Recruiters Websites, please visit recruiterswebsites.com/talentscribe or call 573-837-1315.

About Haley Marketing:
Web design. Recruitment marketing. Blog writing and social media. SEO. Reputation management. Automation strategy. Integrated direct marketing. And corporate identity. At Haley Marketing, we make world-class marketing easy, fast, and affordable. Let us help your team drive sales and improve recruiting.

About Recruiters Websites:

Web design. Digital marketing. Marketing technology. Yup, we do that too! We’re a division of Haley Marketing that focuses exclusively on serving executive search consultants. As former executive recruiters, we understand the unique challenges recruiters face, and just like our parent company, our services are designed to be fast, easy, and affordable … plus completely tailored to the unique needs of the recruiting industry.

Whether you need support for staffing, recruiting, or all the above, you won’t find better partners than Haley Marketing and Recruiters Websites.

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