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Why Bing Is a Smart PPC Channel for Staffing Agencies

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If you use digital platforms to market your staffing agency, why limit your outreach to common platforms like Google?

Among other viable alternatives, Bing stands out as a platform that offers cost-effective pay-per-click (PPC) opportunities. With its recent updates, Bing is even more promising as an option for staffing agencies. Bing reaches an audience that Google simply cannot.

Here is why you should consider Bing PPC as part of your online advertising strategy.

The Power of Improved Universal Event Tagging (UET)

Bing’s UET tracking (conversion tag) has received a significant upgrade recently, enhancing its cross-device tracking, especially on mobile devices. This means better attribution and potentially higher conversion rates for advertisers. Why does this matter for staffing agencies? More accurate tracking implies you can understand better the source of your conversions, redirect your investment toward the most efficient sources, and ultimately, get more value for your money.

Accelerating Reach With New Microsoft Partnerships

Microsoft is continually expanding Bing’s capabilities and reach with new strategic partnerships. While not all of them are public knowledge yet, we are aware that options for Roku placements with CTV are in beta. This is another sign of Bing’s ongoing expansion, increasing its appeal as a platform for PPC advertising.

Bing Chat Revolutionizes Engagement

One of Bing’s most notable features, which has seen exponential growth, is its Chat AI. Remarkably, a third of Bing users are now on chat, with three-quarters of these chat users originating from Google. This is revolutionary because it not only increases user engagement but reshapes the way users search and find information online. The chat drives a 3x higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to traditional search. Plus, the average time spent on chat is 66% more than search because it offers a more engaging and nurturing experience. This is an enormous opportunity for staffing agencies to reach potential candidates and clients. Also, user demographics have shifted: the 18-34 age group is more likely to use AI, representing a highly sought-after demographic for most staffing agencies.

Performance Max Will Be a Game-Changer

Bing is rolling out Performance Max, similar to Google’s platform for local ads. You provide the assets and landing page and set a target, and then Microsoft uses AI to maximize the performance. Dynamic ads are then served across Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Edge, Outlook, and more. This means your advertising reach and potential will be dramatically extended.

Expand Your PPC Options With Bing

Emerging from the shadow of Google, Bing is carving out its reputation as a powerhouse for PPC advertising. Thanks to the upgraded UET tracking, extended reach through strategic partnerships, groundbreaking Bing Chat AI, and the roll-out of Performance Max, staffing agencies should seriously consider Bing in their PPC strategy.

Get More for Your Advertising Dollar

The average cost is still less than Google, which means more traffic for the same investment. Bing opens up a whole new demographic of younger users for staffing agencies, offering significant opportunities to engage and nurture potential new relationships. Finally, Bing allows agencies to tap into an increasing pool of users actively searching for AI-assisted engagements via chats—a game changer in today’s ever-evolving PPC landscape.

Need a Smarter PPC Strategy to Grow Your Staffing Business?

Haley Marketing’s PPC experts will create the right digital marketing strategy for your firm to grab attention, drive conversion and increase sales. Contact us today so we can customize a solution for you.

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