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SMART IDEA #1: Sell bandages to a bleeding man

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It’s no secret that selling staffing got a lot harder in 2023.

Job orders are down an average of 10%. Buyers are harder to reach. And competition is fierce.

What’s the best way to drive sales?

Don’t just make more calls. Make smarter calls.

Before you reach out to a prospect, do a little homework. Figure out where they are bleeding—or at least where they are likely to be bleeding based on what’s going on in their industry or in your local community.

  • Are sales down in their industry?
  • Are they facing talent shortages for specific types of skills?
  • Are they dealing with supply chain issues and pressure to get goods delivered?
  • Are they struggling with turnover?
  • Are they experiencing too many no call, no shows?
  • Is the person you are calling on being pressured to cut costs? Even cut staffing?
  • Is that person’s job on the line if they don’t find a better way to get work done?

Once you know their biggest pain point (i.e., where they are bleeding), make that pain the focus of your outreach. How?

  • Drop off a list of ideas for dealing with that pain point.
  • Email a case study of a similar company…and how you helped address that pain.
  • Record a video talking about the pain points of similar companies you serve and offer to share the strategies those companies are using to overcome their challenges.
  • Create an eBook illustrating how staffing services can be used as a tool to drive business results…lowering labor costs, improving productivity, and better managing employment risk.

A person who is bleeding does not need staffing services. They need a bandage.

You can be the greatest staffing company in the world, but if you don’t offer the right bandages, it won’t matter to the employer you are calling.

In this market, employers need staffing partners that know how to solve problems. People problems. Business problems. Even problems those staffing buyers have in meeting their goals.

Want help identifying the bandages your staffing firm can offer – and how to best help your clients?

Reach out to our expert “marketing medics” for critical staffing sales strategies today.

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