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How SMART Staffing Firms Use AI Tools in the Sales Process (2024 Staffing Sales Survey Results)

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Looking for a competitive edge in the staffing industry? Have we got news for you…

Although artificial intelligence (AI) exploded onto the scene in 2023, “What’s Working Now?”, our Staffing Industry Sales Survey, revealed that approximately 37% of respondents do not use AI tools for business development or in the sales process.

This is an untapped opportunity for you to leverage artificial intelligence to speed up the sales cycle and drive process improvement!

Our survey reveals which AI and lead-generation tools are most popular with your competition:

AI Usage Patterns

AI’s impact on sales strategies is undeniable, offering a blend of efficiency and personalization. According to the survey, AI tools have found their footing within certain realms of the sales process.

  • Approximately 37% of respondents are not utilizing AI tools in their sales or business development process.
  • For those who are, AI is predominantly used for sales-related activities such as company/industry research, writing and personalizing sales emails, and automating outreach.

Takeaways and Recommendations for 2024

  • Get ahead of the AI adoption curve.
  • Accelerate sales by using AI to craft sales emails and LinkedIn messages, research markets and industries, and create sales training.
  • Improve sales leads by using AI to create better website copy, higher-converting calls to action, and more compelling visuals.

Sales Lead & List-Building Tools Usage Patterns

Building a robust sales pipeline is critical for sustained business growth. The survey looked into how staffing firms are filling their sales funnels.

  • Surprisingly, around 43% of staffing firms report not using any sales lead/list-building tools for lead generation.
  • For those who do, the top tools are LinkedIn Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo.

Takeaways and Recommendations for 2024

  • Leverage sales lead/list-building tools to enhance sales success. Making the first contact is the #1 challenge staffing companies face. Lead gen tools allow you to more accurately target the right companies and decision-makers…with the right message.
  • Integrate Lead Gen with Automation. By combining lead lists with a well-planned series of marketing touches, you will increase your probability of getting that first appointment. (Pro tip: Be sure the touches are focused on the prospect’s needs and not just your staffing services.)

Looking for more insights to help your firm leverage the power of digital tools and embrace market shifts as new opportunities? Download “What’s Working Now?” our Staffing Sales Survey, and get data, insights, and recommendations for 2024 TODAY!

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