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What Do the Best Staffing Websites Do Differently in 2024?

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Back in 2021, we covered what the best staffing sites do differently. The list includes home page optimization, SEO, ADA compliance, load speed, and more. To be clear – that information is all still applicable and relevant.  

But things move quickly in the world of staffing.  

It’s 2024 – and the best staffing sites are doing even more to stand out from the competition and attract employers and job seekers (and convert them). 

Here are five strategies to make sure your website is firing on all cylinders in 2024: 

#1: Prioritize Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 

The best staffing websites prioritize Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to maximize the effectiveness of their online presence. This means meticulously analyzing user behavior, conducting A/B testing, and implementing strategies to improve conversion rates across the entire user journey.  

By optimizing landing pages, application forms, and call-to-action buttons, high-performing websites increase the likelihood of visitors becoming qualified leads or applicants, ultimately driving more successful placements and client acquisitions. 

#2: Embrace Automation and AI 

If you’re not embracing automation and artificial intelligence in 2024, you’re behind the times.  

  • With staffing sales taking center stage for many firms, AI and automation are taking an increasingly important role in driving sales leads:
  • New AI-powered content creation tools like TalentScribe make it quick and easy to add fresh, relevant content to your website with just a few clicks.
  • Software platforms like NetSocial automate social sharing of your blog content to amplify your reach, build your brand, and increase your social marketing impact.
  • Leverage automation tools to handle repetitive tasks like resume screening and candidate scheduling, freeing up valuable time for recruiters to focus on higher-value activities.  
  • Use AI-driven algorithms to match candidates with the most compatible job opportunities, improving candidate satisfaction and client success rates. 

#3: Utilize Data and Analytics 

The best staffing websites harness the full potential of data and analytics to drive strategic decision-making in 2024. Is your staffing firm using robust analytics platforms (like Google Analytics and our ROI Dashboard) to collect and analyze data on various metrics, such as candidate sourcing channels, job performance, and client engagement? By leveraging insights gathered from these analytics, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize recruitment strategies, improve client satisfaction, and enhance overall operational efficiency. 

#4: Enhance the Candidate Experience 

Top staffing websites go above and beyond to create an exceptional candidate experience. You’ll want to consider: 

  • Investing in user-friendly interfaces, intuitive navigation, and personalized content to provide job seekers with a seamless and engaging journey. 
  • Leveraging technologies like chatbots to properly route candidates, streamline the application process, and create a more interactive experience.  
  • Implementing mobile-friendly design and functionality to cater to the ever-increasing number of job seekers using mobile devices for their job search. 

#5: Enhance the Client Experience 

Just as important as the candidate experience is the client experience! 2024’s best staffing websites are tailoring their services to meet clients’ unique needs better, offering advanced reporting and analytics capabilities and providing proactive communication throughout the recruitment process. These websites continually improve their client portals and self-service tools to empower clients and streamline the hiring workflow. That’s how your company can foster long-term partnerships and drive true client loyalty. 


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