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Programmatic Job Advertising

85 More Skilled Trades Professionals Recruited…in the First Month!

Using programmatic job advertising, we helped a construction staffing agency better match job spend to hiring needs. The result? 85 more applications (a 22% increase!) on their priority jobs.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

A construction staffing agency with skilled traded jobs and general laborer positions wants to correctly allocate its monthly recruitment budget to high priority jobs and states.

The Solution:

We used programmatic software to limit the time general laborer positions received sponsorship, to ensure more of the monthly budget moved to higher priority jobs and higher priority states.

The Results:

By sponsoring the general laborer positions for only three days, the applications on skilled trades positions increased by more than 22 percent. The team received 85 additional applications on the higher priority jobs.

Client Background and Challenges

A construction staffing agency located in the Southeast and looking to expand into other states, the recruitment team needed an automated way to manage its monthly budget.

Not only did they want to get more budget on their higher priority states, the recruitment team didn’t need to allocate a large amount of its monthly budget to general laborer positions. The pipeline for those positions was consistently filled, so the sponsorship on those positions was being wasted.

The Solution

We made a couple of changes to their strategy for sponsorship jobs:

  • We limited the length of time for sponsoring general laborer jobs to three days.
  • By limiting that length of time, the budget automatically moved to higher priority jobs – based on discipline and location.

The Results

August 2019 (first month of data analysis):

When we looked at the data, we saw that general laborer job ads ate up 17% of the company’s job advertising budget in the first 20 days of the month. We also learned that the staffing company had a strong pipeline of candidates for general labor positions.

This is a very common problem where staffing companies overspend on some jobs because these jobs are easier to fill and get more clicks that quickly consume ad budgets.

September 2019 (active job spend management by Haley Marketing):

To control the spend on easier-to-fill general labor positions, we limited the sponsorship of those positions to the first three days of their posting.

As a result of the change, the general laborer job ads only used 4% of the monthly budget during the first 20 days of September.

During that same time period, the job advertising for higher skill roles was concentrated on jobs in target states without having to increase the overall budget. That led to 85 more applications – an increase of more than 22 percent!

Thanks to our programmatic software, Haley Marketing was able to stop this construction staffing company’s overspending on runaway jobs and reallocate their advertising budget to the locations and job openings that most needed the advertising support. This allowed them to fill more priority jobs and deliver exceptional service in their new markets.

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