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Need More “Likes” On Social Media? Social Pro Has The Solution

How do you gain a foothold in such a competitive landscape?

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Social media is a key pillar of marketing success for any staffing company. But how do you gain a foothold in such a competitive landscape? Platforms like Facebook constantly move the goalposts, making it difficult for staffing agencies to get organic content in front of new audience members and attract clients and candidates.

The Solution:

Haley Marketing’s Social Pro program is the answer to this challenge. Social Pro is a full-service, customized social media strategy and execution program designed to improve social engagement, generate more traffic and increase inbound leads.

The Results:

Results are varied, based on a host of factors including geographic location, industries served and the makeup of a target audience. However, a Like Campaign boosts the overall effectiveness of a social strategy and can put your staffing firm’s name and opportunities in front of the right people at the right time.

Attracting the Right Likes

Part of every Social Pro program involves a Like Campaign that raises the visibility of a staffing firm on social media and increases the number of likes that firm receives. As more people like the page, more users will be fed a firm’s organic social content.

Every Like Campaign is tailored to the specific staffing firm and its niche, geographic market, size, unique challenges and unique goals. When developing a Like Campaign, the social media team takes several factors into consideration:

  • Audience: Is the staffing firm looking for more clients or candidates? What do they specialize in? Which locations do they need to target? ATS lists or CRM lists can also be leveraged to build target audiences and enhance effectiveness.
  • Message: What makes this specific staffing firm unique and different from all the others? Why would and should a client or candidate choose this company? How can this agency’s content stand out in a social news feed and attract attention?
  • Imagery: What types of images capture what the staffing firm does – and who they are trying to reach? What types of pictures make someone feel they need to read the content?
  • Reporting and optimization: Like Campaigns are not a set-it-and-forget-it type of strategy. The social team continually looks at what is going well and areas that could be improved so they are controlling costs and generating ROI.

But Does A Like Campaign Really Work?

Social Pro is extremely effective, but there are never any guarantees when it comes to social media. No one can promise a specific number of likes or level of engagement, but a Like Campaign typically generates consistent results that boost organic following and make Social Pro that much more effective.

So, does a Like Campaign generate results? Here is a small sampling of campaigns our Social Media team has executed for staffing agencies in different niches and markets:

Amare Medical Staffing

Amare Medical Staffing is a boutique travel company placing nurses and allied health professionals in hospitals and ancillary facilities nationwide. Their goal was to target nurses interested in a travel career and finding new travel jobs.

  • Ads received 284 likes within one month
  • Average CTR (engagement) of 5.7%
  • Average cost-per-like of $0.43

Capital Healthcare Solutions

CHS is a nationwide healthcare staffing firm specializing in placing nurses, shift assistants and shift nurses in hospitals. Their goal was to target nurses by job title who had an interest in career development.

  • Ads received 306 page likes within one month
  • Average CTR (engagement) of 8.49%
  • Average cost-per-like of $0.41

Gecko Hospitality

Gecko Hospitality is a nationwide restaurant and hospitality recruiting company. Their Like Campaign targets hospitality and restaurant workers with an interest in career development and new job opportunities. From October 2018 through February 2019, the campaign generated:

  • 805 page likes
  • Average of 161 new likes per month
  • Overall CTR (engagement) of 8.22%
  • Average cost-per-result of $0.73

Top Notch Personnel

Top Notch Personnel is an employment agency located in Wichita, Kansas specializing in construction, manufacturing and aircraft careers. A long-term Social Pro client, over the course of 2018, they received:

  • 1,795 page likes
  • Overall average CTR engagement of 2.99%
  • Average cost of $0.41 per result

The Armada Group

Armada is an IT staffing company located in Silicon Valley. They find hard to find subject matter experts to work with the world’s most demanding and fast-paced tech companies. They also face a highly expensive advertising landscape, given their geographic location and the nature of the tech industry. Armada’s Like Campaign promote Armada’s world-class career opportunities. In 2018, it generated:

  • An average of 71 new likes per month
  • Overall CTR (engagement) of 3.16%
  • Average cost-per-result of $1.69
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