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The Right Social Strategy Can Be an Engagement Game-Changer

The strategy was robust and targeted – and the results were undeniable. Over a one-year period, traffic to the Davis Staffing website from social media increased by 207 percent.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

The client had been blogging with Haley Marketing Group for some time, but had taken on social media themselves. They lacked the time and the resources to generate the traffic and applications they needed.

The Solution:

Utilize Social Pro, Haley Marketing Group’s award-winning and fully managed social media solution to grow Davis Staffing’s audience, increase engagement and generate more applications.

The Results:

We helped our client:

  • Increase their social media followers
  • Generate more website traffic from social media
  • Generate higher-quality website traffic from social media
  • Build new connections and relationships

Client Background and Challenges

Davis Staffing is a family-owned and operated staffing firm that recruits for clerical, light industrial, technical and scientific positions. What started as a two-person operation in 1960 has grown into a full-service organization with three offices serving the south suburbs of Chicago and northwest Indiana.Though they had built a strong reputation for excellence, Davis Staffing understood they needed to find new ways to attract clients and candidates. They recognized the value of social media, but like so many busy staffing firms, their team was unable to devote the time and attention required to build and execute a strategy that would generate real ROI.

The Solution

Davis Staffing wasn’t getting the traction they wanted from their content, as they were only able to post to social media a few times per week. They were also unable to leverage social job posting, paid promotion and other strategies to boost engagement.

Our social media team recommended Social Pro, HMG’s award-winning and fully managed social media solution designed to improve social engagement, generate more traffic, and increase inbound leads. The objectives of the campaign were to:

  • Reach candidates and clients where they spend their time online.
  • Provide real value to the audience by generating and sharing content that positioned Davis Staffing as a true expert.
  • Keep Davis Staffing top-of-mind whenever clients or candidates had a need.

Our discovery process found that Davis Staffing’s clerical and light industrial audience spent a lot of time on Facebook. The strategy would focus significant effort there, while also including LinkedIn and Twitter. Their initial campaign strategy included:

  • Consistent image branding across all social media platforms
  • Daily sharing of a variety of content including infographics, internal postings, available positions and a “Thursday Testimonial” series to demonstrate the value Davis Staffing has brought to their clients and candidates.
  • Paid promotion of top-performing posts to increase exposure and drive traffic back to the Davis Staffing website.
  • Facebook Jobs posts to drive new applications.
  • Analytics to continually measure success.

The Results

The strategy was robust and targeted – and the results were undeniable. Over a one-year period, traffic to the Davis Staffing website from social media increased by 207 percent. That traffic was highly targeted and was of a higher quality than the traffic generated the previous year.Additionally, Davis Staffing saw:

  • 135% increase in Facebook followers
  • 25% increase in total website traffic
  • 14.1% increase in Contact Us page traffic
  • 94% increase in time spent on the website
  • 32% increase in page views
  • 23% decrease in bounce rate

Davis Staffing told their Social Media Marketing Advisor that the results were exactly what they had been looking for – they were reaching more people and driving content their audience wanted to see. During the campaign, 1,690 job applications were collected at an average of more than 150 applications per month.

In our client’s words:

“We’re really impressed with the engagement we’ve seen on our social platforms and the traffic it drives to our website.”

Christopher Cummings, Davis Staffing​

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