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The Candidate Experience – part 2

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What’s it like to look for temporary work? To be blunt, it sucks.

Think about what we make candidates do. There’s telephone prescreens, application forms, interviews, assessment tests, reference checks, background checks and in some cases drug screening. The process can take as long as 3 hours!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, reception areas are frequently uncomfortable and uninviting, there’s often no place to complete paperwork, and in the worse environments, interviews are conducted in public areas.

It’s exhausting. It’s uncomfortable. And after all this, what happens?

Usually, nothing!

We send the candidate on her way and promise to call as soon as “the right” job opportunity appears…which may never happen.

Can you imagine being a candidate? Would you put up with this?

Last summer, I helped a client of ours to map out their application process. It was an amazing experience. No one (including the staffing firm’s executive team) could believe all the steps. At one point, someone actually yelled out, “no more, we get it, there’s a problem.”

Want better talent? Improve the experience!
If you want to attract better talent, and attract more talent, take a hard look at your candidate experience. Map out every step that an individual must go through to work with your firm–from this initial appplication to post assignment follow-up.

Then, look at every step a candidate has to go through with your firm, and ask yourself: “Is this step necessary?” “If so, how could we make it faster, easier and/or more enjoyable.”

Custom experience is one of the most overlooked marketing tools in the staffing industry. How will you make your experience extraordinary?

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