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Ask Haley: Why should I use a third party email provider?

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Q: Why should I use a third party email provider?

A: A question I often get from prospects is, “Couldn’t I just send out an email newsletter using my Outlook?”  The answer is, of course you could, but why not just disable your network while you’re at it. 

All sarcasm aside, there are a number of reasons why you should use a third party email provider as opposed to sending yourself.

1. Send personal messages to your entire list at one time.
Third party email distribution services will send personalized emails to your entire list. Many personal email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail restrict the amount of email you can send at one time, and other tools like Outlook don’t personalize individual emails.

2. Avoid being blacklisted.
No matter how clean or permission-based your list is, every so often someone will report you as a spammer. Get enough complaints–or a vocal enough complainer–and you could get blacklisted.  Being blacklisted is a nightmare! Imagine not being able to receive or send email for a day, a week or even longer. Hard to do business, right?  Third party email distributers send your mail from their servers, so your corporate email is never at risk.

3. Track results.
Want to know who is opening your email and clicking on the links?  Third party email services, like our HaleyMail service, can provide a wide range of information on the emails you send.  You’ll know exactly who is reading your messages and what links they’re clicking on.

4. Easy database management.
Most third party email distribution services provide tools to help you easily manage your email database.  They can automatically process opt-ins and opt-outs and they allow you to easily segment your list for more targeted marketing.

5. HTML expertise.
Planning on sending images in your email?  Many email distribution services provide templates to help you format graphics. But if you need further customization, expertise is definitely required. You need someone who not only knows HTML programming, but someone who has specific experience coding emails. With HTML email, what you see if very likely not what someone else sees! Proper coding requires professional help.

Whatever you do…DON’T GO IT ALONE!

Email is the lowest cost way to stay top-of-mind with clients, prospects and candidates.  Besides being cost-effective, it delivers immediate response and is highly trackable.  But email marketing is also a complex, technical marketing tool.  Get professional help to ensure you get your messages delivered–and read!

If you have any questions about email marketing, or you’d like to know more about our HaleyMail service, please feel free to contact Todd Lewandowski at 1-888-696-2900.

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