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Send Your Emails Worry Free

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If you’ve ever had the pressure of pushing the “send” button on an email marketing campaign, you know how nerve wracking it can be. Sending out something that is not of the highest quality can be devastating to your firm. But there are several things you can do to feel confident in your next email launch.

The following is a checklist that you can go through before launching your next email newsletter or any other email campaign to make sure that it’s error free:

  1. Check links. Click on each and every link to make sure that they go where they are supposed to go.
  2. View your email with images turned off and images turned on. Make sure to include alt tags on images so that your email makes sense to those recipients that may have their images turned off.  On the other hand, make sure that your email looks the way you intended with the images turned on.
  3. View your email in multiple email providers. Check it out in different versions of Outlook, Yahoo!, Hotmail, gmail or any other email programs that your audience may be using. Different email readers render images differently.
  4. Ensure that your email abides by all CAN-SPAM regulations. This includes making sure your email has a physical address on it and includes a way for recipients to opt-out of receiving any more communication from your firm.
  5. Check your sender info. Make sure the “from” line is correct.
  6. Check your subject line. Ask yourself: “Is this subject line compelling enough for my readers to open this email?”
  7. Include a “refer a friend” link. This is a great way to get more people to opt-in to receive communication from you.
  8. Check to make sure there is contact information listed. Include a phone number, email address or your website. Make sure that there is a way for people to respond—and make this information easy to find.
  9. Proof, proof, and then proof one more time. Have several readers review your copy to make sure it makes sense and that it is error-free. Running it through a spell check also safeguards against human error.
  10. Review your data list. Consistently updating and improving your data will help your email marketing efforts be more successful in the long run.

For more information on email marketing, please contact Jennifer Jordan at 1-888-696-2900.

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