On February 26, Haley Marketing Group conducted a 60-minute “Lunch with Haley” webinar to address the challenges facing the staffing industry in the current economy.   This webinar, which was exclusively for Haley Marketing clients, examined the basic business strategies staffing firms can adopt to not just survive but thrive in 2009. 
More than 120 of Haley Marketing’s clients registered for this event to learn:
* Tactics for stealing business from the competition.
* Ideas for creating new markets for staffing services.
* Ways to better leverage various marketing tools to build a firm’s reputation and generate sales leads.
Here are a few comments from attendees:

“I enjoyed the presentation very much and would like to share with our management.  Will you please let me know when the slides are posted?  I admire your partnership approach and find it very refreshing. “

Melanie Harer, Contech-IT

“It was very comprehensive. Good job David. Very thought provoking.”

Norma Menkin, Gainor

“Some great ideas, some reinforcement, very helpful.
Good idea, feel you are committed to customer, liked your ending.”

Jane Prugh, Corporate Strategic Resourcing

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