Survey Results: How Specific Staffing Industries Have Been Affected by Recent Layoffs

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The National Unemployment Rate for March was 8.5%

With the unemployment rate continuing to rise dramatically in recent months (now up to double digits in some states) a recent survey asked its users how they have been affected by the recent changes in the job market.

Impact on Everyone

91% of the people surveyed know someone personally who has been laid off in the last 6 months. Only 9% of those surveyed did not know anyone who had been affected by a layoff. These numbers indicate that almost everyone has been affected either indirectly or directly by the current downturn in the job market.


See which sectors have been hit the hardest and which have been particularly safe:

10 Job Categories with Highest Layoff Percentages
10 Job Categories with Lowest Layoff Percentages

Read on to see some of the trends.

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