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How to Write Great Staffing Website Content

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In order to rank highly in search engines, one key element is adding relevant keyword laden content. But getting traffic to your site is just the first step. Once there, you want visitors to take action. Here are a few tips to help you write engaging copy that elicits action from your website visitors:

  1. Connect with your audience. Both job seekers and employers are faced with unique challenges. Your copy should empathize with these challenges–and provide solutions.
  2. Tell your visitors “Why”. Why should people care about your services?  Why would they choose to work with you over your competition?  When I ask clients this question everyone’s first response is “we provide better service”.  If this is your reason why, then you better be able to prove it–or choose another point of differentiation that you can own. 
  3. Provide a compelling offer.  In order to get people to take action, you need to provide a compelling offer.  This could be in the form of a discount, a special incentive, or by simply ending each page with a strong call to action.  Direct people on what they should do next, and make it easy for them to work with your firm. 
  4. Offer proof.  As mentioned in item #2 above, you need to provide proof of your claims.  If you are the most selective firm, show statistics to support that (ex. 8 out of 10 candidates don’t meet our requirements).  If you provide strategic project solutions write case studies showing the problem your client faced, and detail your solution.  Finally, get in the habit of asking for testimonials.  If your clients are too busy, offer to write the testimonials and send it to them for approval. 
  5. Simplify. Good website copy isn’t judged on how many five syllable words you can mix into each sentence.  Write in a clear and concise way that adds value for the visitor.  Use strong headlines that convey your value proposition, use bullets to list key points, and keep it short!

How to Determine if Your Website Copy Needs Help
Good copy isn’t subjective!  If you’re interested to see how your current website is producing, just install Google Analytics and look at your statistics.  You’ll be able to see how people navigate through your site, test the effectiveness of specific calls to action, and determine what pages could use improvement. 

If you would like help installing Google Analytics on your website please email me.  It’s a small investment that can provide big dividends!

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