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Is Any Industry Really Recession-Proof?

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While I was researching content for one of my clients, I happened upon a really interesting chart at: http://jobbait.com/a/rpi.htm.  This chart compares employment growth rates for the worst 12 months of the past three recessions in 1991, 2002 and through March 2009.

Some interesting facts:

  • Historically recession proof industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, is down.
  • The automotive industry was up in the last downturn—and we all know what happened to the automotive industry during this recession.
  • Frozen food is up from the last downturn—more people must be eating at home.
  • Recession-proof industries: Oil and gas extraction, Urban transportation, Motion picture and video production, Health and medical insurance, Most education industries, Most healthcare related fields, Personal care services, and Government

All data was taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This chart has some great information.  (Especially for those staffing firms looking to go after growing markets.)  Hope you will check it out!

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