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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a Blog???

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We have all heard so much lately about the importance of developing our skills in social media as it applies to business. Well, some of you out there probably have not even started to get your feet wet in this fast growing arena yet. 

Want to know what it’s all about?  I read a really good article called “Get Started With Social Media”.  So, for all you beginners out there, take the plunge and jump in!

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a Blog

With your business objectives defined and audience’s behavior understood, it’s time to step into the social Web. Look through the following list, then pick one and give it a try:

  1. Facebook. Facebook gives you access to a quarter of a billion people, plus or minus. Of course, your mileage may vary — and probably will since you’ll want to be more focused about who you target on Facebook. This is something else that the site allows you to do very easily through its 30-second setup display ads platform. Facebook also offers Business Pages, complete with viewership stats via the Insights data available to Business Page administrators. You can embed Facebook applications in your business page, and you can drive traffic to it since the business page, unlike a Facebook Group, can be viewed (but not interacted with) by non-members of Facebook. One caution: Facebook’s terms of service prohibit one individual (read “person” and not e-mail address) from having more than one Facebook account. This means that your personal life, assuming you have one and assuming that some part of it is posted on Facebook, is potentially merged with the business page you’re managing. Facebook itself separates the two, but not all Facebook applications do. Word to the wise, and look for this to be cleared up as Facebook pages become (even) more popular.
  2. Twitter. Enough said, right? No, of course not. Twitter may be the hot app right now, but that’s not enough of a business reason to use it. Here’s what is: Your customers use Twitter to talk about you. Hot or not, Twitter is a lay-up for listening. Set yourself up on Twitter, go easy on the “all about me” tweets, and use a client like TweetDeck to search for mentions of your brand, product, or service in real time, as well as those of your competitors. You’ll be fairly amazed at what you find and at how easy it is to keep abreast of conversations that matter to you.
  3. LinkedIn. No doubt you know that LinkedIn offers a network directory service. I’ll bet you’re a member of LinkedIn, too. But did you know that you can create a company page? Just like your profile, you can create a page that represents your company and connects all the people who work there. Beware, though. Because there is no control on who people claim to work for and because some companies have the same or similar names, your company page may well include people who don’t work there. In the LinkedIn search box, choose the “Company” tab and then enter your company’s name. To remove people who don’t belong, you’ll need to e-mail LinkedIn Customer Service. It should be easier than that and over time probably will be. But, hey, it’s free, and it’s a start.
  4. Your business blog. I saved this for last because it’s often the anchor of everything else. Your blog is where you get to talk, in depth, about things you are passionate about, about your industry, and about events and legislation related to it. Your blog is very attractive to search engines, and by linking your other social profiles and pages to it you increase the visibility of all the components of your social program. Don’t have a blog? You can set one up at WordPress.com in under 10 minutes. Quite seriously, blogging is a social media best practice.

Read the full article at “Get Started With Social Media

If you would like more information on adding a blog or social media to your website, please email me at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-696-2900.

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