New Staffing Website: Bounty Hunter Staffing

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Bounty Hunter Staffing
They don’t hunt criminals, just great candidates!  Bounty Hunter Staffing’s target audience is young 20-something professionals looking to take the next step in their careers.  Their new website needed to be fun, upbeat, and just plain different than any other staffing firm out there.  The site is a mix between Mission Impossible, James Bond and Dog the Bounty Hunter.  Using highly compelling graphics and slightly irreverent copy, Bounty Hunter Staffing has truly positioned themselves as THE employment agency of choice for young professionals. 
The site features an easy to use job board for candidates that is also integrated with eEmpACT Staffing Software to make job posting and applicant tracking as painless as possible.  Additionally, Bounty Hunter’s new blog allows them to share “classified information” and position themselves as employment and job hunt experts (not to mention it’s an amazing tool to help improve Search Engine Rankings).

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