Q: What’s the best content to include on a staffing website?

A: When designing content, start with the basics.  Most people are coming to your website because they want to know about you. They want to know what you do, how you can help them, and what makes your firm different from the competition. The content on your site should not merely describe the services you provide, it should sell your organization in a compelling manner.

When writing about your services, you should:

  • Write from the reader’s perspective (what do they want to know?)
  • Focus on the benefits you offer to clients and candidates (emphasize the problems you can solve)
  • Convey a strong value proposition (quantify the value of working with your firm)
  • Offer credible proof that you outperform the competition (use testimonials, case studies, and performance statistics)

But this content is just the start. What you really want is content that will attract people to your site, get them to stay longer, and keep them coming back. Here’s how you can create this kind of “magnetic” content:

Turn your website into a destination for ideas
Great content is educational. It teaches people something new, offers insight and shares best practices. Here are a few ideas for creating dynamic and useful content that will give people a reason to come back again and again.

  • Add a blog on staffing best practices, hiring trends in your market, or other pertinent issues to the clients and candidates you serve.
  • Add a resource center filled with staffing advice, employment law, best practices and links to other great resources/sites on the web.
  • Publish local market salary data to your website.
  • Create a video library with hiring and staffing tips.
  • Add a feed of employment related industry news.
  • Create flash movies that teach people when, why and how to use staffing.

Provide useful tools
Great content isn’t just writing. It can also be interactive features that make your website a resource that helps employers and job seekers. Here are several ideas for adding useful tools
to your site:

  • Add a job board that allows candidates to search open jobs.
  • Offer job agents so candidates can be automatically notified of relevant job openings.
  • Provide archives of your past newsletters.
  • Integrate a client portal to allow employers to place orders, approve timesheets and check usage reports.
  • Offer a database of pre-written job descriptions.
  • Provide a library of behavioral interviewing questions.
  • Offer free or for fee assessment testing.
  • Add an “ask the expert” feature to provide free staffing and career advice.
  • Add company news to keep employers and temporaries up-to-date on important information about your firm.

Create content that is search engine friendly
In addition to encouraging people to come back to your site, it’s just as important for people to be able to find your site.  Make sure that your website is up to par when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).  If you’d like more information on how to do this, check out our free guide, Staffing SEO 101.

These are just some of the ways our clients are using content in their websites. If you want more ideas, or if you have questions, please email me at [email protected] or call me at 1-888-696-2900.

0 thoughts on “Ask Haley: Must have content for a great staffing website

  1. Liked this post. I’d add this:

    I’ve reviewed literally thousands of staffing sites over the years and it has become plain that the ones that appear to have the greatest impact are the ones that are personal and authentic. A candidate or customer going to a staffing company’s site wants to know who they’re going to be doing business with. This is especially true when dealing with any staffing firm that isn’t a national – where you expect a somewhat faceless monolithic business. As a relationship-driven business I believe that any staffing company that doesn’t personalize their site by adding relevant information about themselves (the management, account team, recruiters, etc.) and their passion for the business is missing a huge opportunity.

    Phil McCutchen
    Marketing Manager
    VCG, LLC
    The Power To Succeed. | http://www.vcgsoftware.com

  2. Great point Phil! In an industry that is all too often seen as a commodity, the “our team” information offers a great opportunity to add personality to the site, build credibility, and really make the staffing firm stand out.

    Many staffing professionals will say that they meet people face to face, so they don’t need their site to be a relationship builder, but typically only the sales people are out in the field, and the website can be a terrific way to introduce the service team, recruiter, back office staff and the executives.

    Thanks for the comment!


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