Should You Do Email Marketing In-House?

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In a word, ‘No!’  “Why not?,” you ask?  Because, in the words of  Richard King: “The same reason you and I eat out.  The results are much better, and I don’t have to cleanup after wards.”

I really enjoyed this post, Caution: This is NOT a DIY Project from MarketingProfs.  It outlines the reasons why you should use an Email Service Provider (ESP) to do your email marketing:

–         In house email marketing puts your infrastructure at risk

–         ESP’s provide reporting and database maintenance

–         Creative design and optimization of your HTML emails

–         Increased deliverability of your emails

–         Doing email marketing in house is a waste of your resources

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you’d like to discuss ways that you can benefit from outsourcing your email marketing.

– Matt

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