Staffing World 2009: How to Sell Staffing When They’re Not Buying

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Yesterday at one of the workshops at Staffing World, I had the chance to speak with a large group of staffing owners that all have the same problem. Hiring Managers have simply cut all their staffing right now. 

Many of the owners talked about just being persistent and staying in touch with hiring managers so that when hiring  did start, their firm would win the business.  But there was one person that said something that truly jumped out to me…

“If you aren’t using contingent labor in a market like this, then your staff levels are too high and you’re wasting money.”

The point is this, to sell staffing in today’s economy you need to educate people on how to use your services.  Instead of “selling staffing” you have the chance to be a true HR consultant and help structure a workforce mix that eliminates wasted overhead and matches staff levels to actual workflow.

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