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Great Facebook Marketing Strategy for Ikea

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I am a BIG Ikea fan. From my long past graduate school days when super-cheap was all I could afford to my current parenthood days where attractive and inexpensive is a winner for my kids, I have been a long-time Ikea shopper–and admirer.

But the furniture is just a small part of what I love about Ikea.  I love their marketing even more. From their decision to focus on products that can be flat packed to their amazing showrooms that literally walk you through an irresistible array of furniture, housewares and even food, it’s obvious that the folks at Ikea GET marketing!

And now it appears that they have mastered the brave new world of social media marketing.  Check out this incredible promotion: Ikea’s Brilliant Facebook Campaign

As this example shows, the right strategy and the right creative approach can drive incredible results–without spending a ton of money!

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