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Choosing a Website Domain

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Choosing a domain address for a new website can be a difficult task.  In many cases, company names are chosen based on the availability of corresponding .com website domains.  But with squatters buying hundreds of domains and sitting on them in hopes of holding you ransom some day, finding a good company name and matching domain can be difficult.

To help, check out this great tool: Wordoid.com

Wordoid allows you to create natural sounding names/words from the English language that are based on another word.  And best of all, it tells you if the domain name is available or not.  For example, entering the word “Recruit” brings up these suggestions (all of which were available as .com domains):

  • arecruitment
  • recruitfulness
  • recruition
  • recruity
  • recruitfully
  • carecruitments
  • recruitcastle
  • recruitine
  • recruitbosses
  • recruitfullness
  • recruitives

While these may not be names that really jump out to you, they might help in the brainstorming process.  And if you’re really ambitious, you could purchase some fun URL’s, create Recruiting and Hiring Resource Centers, and direct people back to your corporate website.   And the links back to your corporate website can help with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts!  Learn more about the importance of your domain name and other SEO optimization techniques.

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