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Ask Haley: How can I use email to keep my firm top-of-mind?

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Q.  How can I use email to keep my firm top-of-mind–without annoying my clients and prospects?

A.  Did you know that email is the number one way that employers want to be contacted by staffing vendors?

When done correctly, email is an incredibly effective way to nurture relationships with clients and prospects. It can educate, add value, position your firm as an expert, and help you be seen a trusted advisor.

The key to using email to build relationships is to do the following:

1. Get to know the people you’re trying to reach–really understand their challenges, interests and motivations.

2. Show these people you care about what matters to them.

3. Communicate regularly with value not hype; build trust by being honest and direct.

Here are a few specific ideas you can implement to use email to strengthen relationships with your clients and prospects:

1. Create a monthly newsletter with content related to HR, staffing, and human capital management. Provide practical “how-to” ideas and solutions to the problems your clients face.

2. Compile a monthly “Top Candidate” list. This should be a brief summary of several exceptional individuals you are trying to place. Marketing top candidates can create instant job orders, and it also helps you cross sell by showing off the different types of people you can supply.

3. Send out fun seasonal emails. Share grilling recipes for the 4th of July, tips for cooking a perfect turkey, or Halloween trivia. Your targets will welcome the break in their day.

4. Develop a short survey and share the results. Think of timely topics that would be of interest to your list; salary information, benefits, and hiring trends.

5. Forward timely employment law changes. Both federal and state laws are constantly changing and being amended. By sending this info to your targets you are again proving your value as an expert in HR and staffing issues.

Remember that relationships are not built overnight. It takes months, sometimes even years. In fact, I once had a client who had been mailing to a prospect for two years before he finally received a response–but without the persistent follow-up, that prospect would have never become a client!

If you’d like to discuss specific strategies for your email marketing, please email me at [email protected] or call me at 888-696-2900.

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