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When is the best time to send emails, tweet and blog?

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First let me say that in the 8+ years I have been at Haley Marketing, I have sat through a lot of webinars.  Excluding our Lunch With Haley, I can count the number of quality webinars I’ve seen on two fingers.  Today I was shocked to up that number to three.

Most webinars are just huge sales pitches in disguise and many fail to deliver on what they promised.  But I had a chance to sit through a great webinar today that was put on by HubSpot, “The Science of Timing”.  The webinar focused on the best times to send and sending frequencies for social media, email and blogging.   I figured this webinar would be good when I heard that 24,000 people had signed up and the hashtag #TimeSci was the #4 trend on Twitter this afternoon.

I was also shocked by the results that the presenter, Dan Zarrella delivered.  I think these results will make you throw out every notion you had about social media frequency and email timing.  Here are the results in a nutshell: (all times are EDT)

Social Media

-Most Retweets happen between 1pm-5pm. Ok, not that surprising as more and more businesses embrace social media.

-People who tweeted an average of 22 times a day had the most followers. This was the first shock of the day.  I would have thought most people would get annoyed seeing 22 tweets a day from the same person.  (For all my followers look out here comes more of my witty thoughts)

-Companies that post on Facebook every other day have the most likes.

Weekends see the most sharing of links on Facebook. Again, not that suprising.

Email Marketing

Most people check emails between 6am-8am. Ok, this wasn’t shocking but it got me thinking about when we send out our client’s emails.  We usually avoid first thing in the morning because we don’t want to be lumped in with all of the other emails.  But if that’s the time when most people are checking why not send at that time.

Weekends are becoming very popular times to check email. This one also makes sense when you think about all of the interruptions and work that needs to get done during the day.  Plus with the explosion of smartphones and iPads it’s now easier to check your email at all times.  So when you’re standing in line at the hardware store you’re probably checking your email on your phone.


-Add blogs first thing in the morning. HubSpot’s research has shown that 10am is when most blogs are being written so you want to make sure that your blog is updated by then.  The nice thing with most blog platforms is that they allow you to select your posting time so you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to write a witty blog post.

Link sharing is higher on Mondays and Thursdays. Why?  I’m quite sure but that’s what the slide showed so that’s what I’m reporting.  So that means the best days to update your blog is Mondays and Thursdays before 10am.

Like I said, this webinar was very eye opening and made me rethink many of the preconceived notions on email sending.  So which of my clients wants to volunteer to send their email on the weekend?

I’ll be sure to share any independent testing we do here.

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