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Ask Haley: How can I ensure success for my direct mail campaign?

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Q: My firm is considering a new direct mail campaign.  What steps should we take to ensure its success?

A: In my experience with direct mail, the biggest key to
success is getting buy-in from your sales team.  Just sending out
a series of postcards and hoping for the phone to ring is not enough.

Your sales team needs to be involved in every step of the process,
so that they feel like a part of the campaign and are excited to follow-up.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure sales team buy-in:

1. Get input up front

Be sure to review the concepts with your team to get their feedback.
They don’t have to be involved with every detail, but once the concept
has been developed, run it past your sales team.  They may see things
to improve the campaign that you missed.

2. Let them set call goals

Have the team set their own call goals.  They know how many follow up calls
they are capable of during a week.  Just be sure to make the goals reasonable.

3. Diagram the process

When clients purchase our Door Openers campaign, they are given a diagram
of the entire direct mail campaign process.  This diagram shows the team
the pieces that are being sent each week, and when they are responsible
for calls.

4. Script calls

I’m almost hesitant to include this tip on the list.  The reason is that
I’m not a fan of writing out sales scripts.  They can make the
sales person sound very robotic.  But sales scripts do improve results.
The best way to script a sales call is to come up with a bulleted list
of points and topics to be covered during the call, and then let the sales
rep develop the script in their own voice.

5. Training/Role play

Role plays are essential if you want your sales team to be prepared
for different reactions from your prospects.  Role playing allows your
sales team to develop answers to the prospects questions and be prepared
for objections.

6. Track results

I can’t stress the importance of tracking results enough.  It is the
one area of marketing where our clients are weakest.  How will you know
if the program was successful if you don’t track the results?  How will
you know what needs to be changed in the process if you don’t track
the results?  The easiest way to track results is to set up a call follow-up
tracking form for each contact that receives your campaign.  Each sheet
can have a recap of the planned follow-up calls and the result of the call.

7. Use feedback to adjust

Don’t be afraid to adjust on the fly.  If you are sending out two cards
followed by a call and the prospect doesn’t remember receiving the mailings,
try moving the call up before the second mailing.  Calling earlier can improve
response to direct mail and help you make a stronger impact.

I hope this helps make your campaign a success!

Todd Lewandowski has nearly 10 years of marketing experience in the staffing and recruiting industry.  Todd has worked with over 100 staffing and recruiting firms in the development and execution of email marketing programs. 

If you would like to discuss email marketing for your firm, please contact Todd at [email protected].

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